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Of Mild Fever and Vaccine for Influenza A

Irfan is not his usual self today. He woke up when his dad was going to work but slept back right after that. He woke up again at 11:30 and now he's lying down watching Wanita Hari Ini bersiaran dari Prince Court (nampak sangat sakit kan?).

I can feel heat radiating from his little body. I've been searching high and low for the ear thermometer to check his temperature but couldn't find it. Darn! Where are you???

We're going to bring him to paed afterward. I pray that it's nothing to be worried about.

Btw, my mum asked us to go for the jab (the vaccine for Influenza A), but can the vaccine works against Influenza A H1N1? Anybody has an idea?


  1. hopefully demam irfan tak teruk...saya tak tahu la pasal vaccine tak salah rasanya kalau nak amik kan?

  2. farah : itulah hpefully it's nothing, skang ni rasanya temp quite high coz panas gak badan dia. vaccine tak free tapi less than rm100 lah. RM70 ++ kot per jab.

  3. Dont simply jab... I heard ppl died in other countries after taking de vaccines...

    I think Irfan's fever is just normal one kot... No worries okay:) :):)

  4. mrs shiv : oh??? died due to what eh? because of the vaccines ka? because my parents memang hafta take it to go to mecca and dr norlela in usm clinic advised my mum to ask her kids to tke it as well. hmmm...can u clarify on ppl dying tu please?

    i hope it's normal, last night he fell hard, his head kena the wood on our sofa. i'm scared it's because of that actually. :-(

  5. tamiflu tue not vaccine for influenza a(h1n1)...hmmmm i pon tk reti nk ckp camne...if u hv doubts, u can leave ur question dlm chatbox i...i'll let my hubby tlg asnwer kan if he is available :)

  6. verde : thanks! i've been meaning to ask you tapi malu. it's a different type of vaccine altogether lah? will leave comments in ur chatbox, thanks :-D

  7. i;m sure it's just normal fever ... take lots of fluids and mandi air sejuk so the fever will subside ... tat;s wat i did to ME!!! alhamdulillah so much better now ... get well soon k Aqil ... got surprise for u on saturday nanti =)

  8. gosh, WHI? mmg sah tak sihat!

    is the vaccine ready? i thought development still underway. maybe for general flu jer kot...

    hope nothing serious. take great care

  9. papakeechee : hope so. erkk...mandi AIR SEJUK?? never!! parents will kill me if they know. :-p what's surprise??can't wait! hehe

    anne : yerp WHI, can u believe it?'s for influenza A in general but not H1N1. for H1N1 like u said, dev underway.thanks for the well wishes anyway



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