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The Idris Family Tree - Ali Emran

I had been meaning to write about the little munchkin for so long, but I kept on delaying until tonight when I saw his pic on my desktop. This is the latest addition to the Idris family, the lil sweetie pie *Ali Emran.

He came into this world a couple of months ago, much awaited by his parents and all family members. When I first saw him during the confinement period, he was soooooo tiny. He got such long fingers that hubby and I decided to call him 'smeagol'. Haha no offense abang and Emi :-p

When we first went to my brother's house to see Emran, Irfan was quite surprised to see his maktok holding a baby, so he ran straight to her and struggled to sit on her lap, come what may. He tried to smack and squeeze the baby whenever he got the chance, and he succeeded once in smacking him with a sound effect..."pakkkk!". Cett! Naughty naughty boy!

But after we came back to Penang, from then on he started to show his love for babies and whenever he sees pictures of little boy or girl he'd say "babyyyy babyyyy"..and now thanks to his mum, he'd look at babies and try to coo them "Agoogoogooogooo". Wakakaka...serious lawak!

The tomeiii boy smiling at the camera, pandaiiii

My mum is in KL now taking care of this little hero as his mother has started working, and because of the stupid pig swine flu they can't send him to the nursery, for fear of infection.

Kalau Emran di post ke Penang, best jugak kan. Ble la everyday we go and buli play with him. I'm sure Irfan would love it. Hah, now I can't wait for raya to see the little guy again! And I'm sure Irfan will be cooing him all day long...

"Babyyyy...agoogoogoogooogooo". Cuteness! *LOL*


  1. emraaaaaaaaaaaan! haritu depa mai umah hari sabtu! tak upload2 lagi gambaq!

  2. hmmm... agogo???? hihihiii

    Agooogooooogoooo.... heheh soooo cute...

  3. haaaa he is tiny!!! but adorable none the less ... if baby sebesaq arees he can buli ... ali emran is no hal for aqil irfan kan!!?? hehehe ^_^

  4. farha : yaka...upload la cepat kat fb! hehe

    adwan : haha itulah the first time i saw him cooed our friend's baby, i laughed myself silly..cutee haha

    papakeechee : memang tinyness. he was born at 2.5kg but he got such looong fingers. macam nak geget. hehe

    oh yes, he kena meet older boys, barulah buku bertemu ruas. he will kena hehe



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