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Parti Buih

I wrote earlier about wanting to spring clean the house. Did I get to achieve all the goals I stated earlier? No, FAR FROM IT!

Earlier,Irfan was showing signs of feeling neglected, he refused to play or run around as usual. He either just lie down watching some drama melayu on TV, or come crawling to sit on my lap and do nothing. So due to his condition, I felt bad to proceed with my spring cleaning plan alasan ja semua tu dah memang malas sebenarnya, so I thought maybe I should do all that later in the evening, after hubby comes back from work.

However, I managed to at least washed the carpet, do laundry and cleaned the toilet before I made the decision to have some fun with my little angel.

So what did we do? Oh, I remember how excited he was last couple of days when his father brought him to the pool after he came back from work. Since I was too lazy to get dressed and bring him down, I thought why not have fun at our own balcony. Oh yes, of coz there's limited space but who said we can't have fun?

So that's what we did just now, playing with water at the balcony. ( I got the idea from here, thanks to MommyLyna)

Irfan trying to water the plants, but ended up watering the floor instead.

But after a while he kind of get bored doing the same thing, so I brought out something that he loves more than water, THE BUBBLE! He was so excited once he saw me carry out the tub and his bubble bath, he kept on shouting "Bubba!!Haaaa!Bubbaa!". Oh such joy in seeing your son getting psyched over small things like that.

Irfan sprinkling the balcony with bubbles, and after that he started to wet his mama with them as well

And giving the floor a much needed bubble bath and scrub

He played until his fingers all kecut, and then it's time for some quiet time with Pukayah! (Pocoyo).

Mama hope you had fun today Irfan, and I love you so much. Sorry if you felt neglected, I never meant to make you feel so, it's just that at times I might be busy doing my stuff and forgot that you need my attention as well. Nanti kita parti buih main bubba lagi okeh. Mwahs!


  1. AWwww ... that's just so sweet and the cutest part is that he can just sit quietly watching pocoyo [whatever that is!?!? =P]

    bestnyer!!!... i wanna play bubba haaaaaa tooo!!!! ... hehehe

    btw ... how u wash ur carpet?!?!?! =P

  2. waaaa...macam best jer main buba ni...tak pernah try lagi bagi eesya main... masuk mata pedih tak?

  3. kak rina : Pocoyo is a cartoon la. kat Playhouse Disney ada, try bagi Arees tengok, entertaining. Btw, he was quiet for about 1 minute lah, after that he wriggled out of the chair and you know the rest. haha

    oh the carpet, it's just the thin and long one, something like alas kaki as well.u know the one they have at MT, kat the entrance. it's simple to wash lah.

    are_shie : tak pedih rasanya, coz guna bubble bath baby tu. bagi la eesya main mesti dia suka! :-D

  4. eee.bestnya tengok Irfan main.. Miyong pun naik join Irfan la nanti -- eee tak sabaq nak main ngan Irfan nanti -- rindula lama tak jumpa -- masa kenduri aritu asyik bad mood ja..

    Anyway Yah -- got quite a few of Irfan's and abah dia taken by the photographer... Nanti yong tengok boleh email ke dak -- some are quite big..

  5. yong : haaa lani dia kurang bad mood skit pasai dah besaq kot. tapi taktau la budak ni banyak mood swing dia.

    haaa yong, ada eh gambaq nak!irfan ngn abah dia ja ka, ngn mama dia takdak eh? tsk tsk tsk..takpa ble add gambaq tu kat his wall of fame hehe



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