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Kuih Raya Bloopers

As planned, I worked on our raya cookies project with my mum earlier today. As it was my first time and my mum couldn't seem to find her old kitab recipe, I had to make do with the recipes I got from a magazine. I learned a very valuable lesson today, never trust any recipes in magazines or cook books, they usually won't turn out as good unless if you know how to modify the ingredients to get the best outcome.

Okie so I hafta admit, good recipes or not, my first attempt spelled disaster with a capital D! The first batch was not well done, the second one burnt to the highest degree and the third and so on, erkkk...I lost track on what happened to them. Though it's edible after countless of trial and error, but it's nothing to be bragged about. The cocoa walnut cookies I made were too hitam cocoa-ish in taste and hard, while the sugi cookies were too sweet and they seemed to be blown into triple the original size once baked. Nope I didn't use baking powder on them I swear! Something must've went wrong with the dough, beats me what. Oh, they seemed to melt too while baked and hence, the distorted shape. Feeling tired and frustrated, I got into this laughing frenzy when I took one look at my son's face full of flour, turning the house upside down with all the utensils thrown all over the place and evidence of flour and dough splattered all over my mum's carpet! Oh what an excitement he must've felt being involved in such an adventorous trip to the cookie land.

After it was all over and I surrendered for the day, I lied back and told my hubby in a defeated tone "I don't want to make kuih raya anymore lah, I wanna sell all those bahan mentah and whatnots on the net, perhaps I'll give some discounts for the purchasers" and right at that moment my mother who was praying burst out laughing! She apparently, was waiting for that sentence to come out of my mouth. Haha..and then both of us couldn't stop laughing about it until my stomach was all cramped from too much laughter.

Though I was tired and worn out from all the slavery, I did enjoy myself. It's been too long since I had a little fun doing something with my mum like the way I was forced we used to do when I was still single. Oh I do miss my singleton moments terribly now that I think of it. All the fun and freedom with no responsibility weighing on your shoulder. Sigh... All old times are good times, no?

Anyway, next week we shall try again but this time, I need to get a proper recipe before I embark on the journey to the cookie land again. I'm thinking of the delicious mazola cookies and almond london. Does anyone care to share their kickass recipe with me, pwetty please???


  1. adooiyyaaii,susah jugak nak buat kuih naa k.yah?? dok tgk mama buat senang n sentiasa menjadi klau buat sendiri blm tentu jadi..
    nnt intan try cari resepi almond london n mazola tuk k.yah kay..nak kena p cari kitab2 mama dulu..hehe!!

  2. bai, biskut kacang not-so-mazola nye recipe aku dah letak kat blog aku after your reply. next experiment aku nak try is semprit! haaa mcm nak try2 gak buat almond london nnt. kalau u buat dulu, kita swap recipes kay nnt.

    p/s. last nite i dreamt me and caoi went to ur house kat penang! omg, u live in a mansion! at first we were in ur living room, nampak mcm apartment. tapi bila tgk tingkap luar, tu diaaaa... korang ada pool underneath your 3-storey house... u kata amin nak sgt buat pool tu.. so u guys took us for a tour, and bila sampai floor baaawwaahh skali (turun lift rasanya), u took us through your pool house!! siap ada sauna skali! and your construction workers weren't just indons, but a lot of orang putih, mcm russian...scandinavian.. (in my dream org putih now cheaper labour cost compared to asian, hahaha)... pastu bila kami naik ke atas semula through the lift in your pool house, bila sampai ground level, baru la kami sedar that you live in a mansion, coz it goes up to the entrance. then i said to amin, 'u pandai aaaa.. letak lift ke pool house kat luar rumah. karang balik keje penat2 terus laa turun pool dulu ya!'

    *terabsorbed sgt baca blog2 orang kot??? that it gets into my subconscious mind??

    *anyways, semoga korang dilimpah kan rezeki banyak mcm tu ye, insyaAllah!

  3. intan : yerp, kalau yang dah slalu buat memang la menjadi. untuk first timer macam kak yah ni fuhhh...memang menyeksa jiwa dan raga. haha..oke pi cari recipe cepat! bawak pi rumah mak chaq satgi k

    kayla : hahahaha...bestnya kalau camtu. mimpi di bulan ramadhan ni, harap2 menjadi.AMIN!! u macam2 tau2 ja eh we all tengah berangan nak dok kat this 3-storey bungalow near our house, gila sanntiikkk! :-D

  4. Awak nak juai apa? :D And awak beli kedai mana.. din look like supermarket bought things aritu.. ade kedai for bakery thingeys ek kat Tunas tu?

  5. ala ciannye...don't give up Bai...
    Wow...dahsyat la mimpi kayla..kak ct tlg aminkan gak...hehe

  6. ayu : nak jual cookies flour, cooking chocolates etc. :-p adala tapi bukan kat tunas, it's at pasar bayan baru (or is it bayan lepas? hehe). awak nak beli ka? orrrr better yetttt, apa kata u come over to my house kita baut cookies sama2?

    kak ct : insyaAllah tak give up hehe. oh yes tolonglah aminkan, bulan ramadhan ni kot berkat kan :-D

  7. AMIN!!! =)

    maybe this weekend i'll try making some cookies and if jadik i'll put up the recipes in my blog k ... terus kan usaha ^_^

  8. try recipe from chef wan's cook book...confirm jadi dengan berjaya nya..



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