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Lampu katak

Our house has got some awkward wiring points especially in the bedrooms, thanks to the previous owner. Like in Irfan's room, there's only one lighting point at one of the walls, and there's no point whatsoever for ceiling light and we're too cheapskate to do it our self. All these while we'd been using lampu kalimantang as the wall light, but once we decided to do a makeover for the room we went shopping for a proper lamp.

I fell in love with this froggy lamp, despite the SA's warning that it only holds an 8 watts bulb, thus would not be able to illuminate the whole room. I just had to get it because it's just so darn cute and that was all that matters at that time.

Until hubby fixed it on the wall and we finally got to use it last night. Once switched on, Mr Froggy emitted just a small amount of light that I swear it only illuminated itself and not even the photo frames placed just couple of inches below it. Sangat2 tak memberi kesan okeh.

It's just too dim that we have to switch on the table lamp, and yet the room still won't be as well -lit as I'd hoped it to be.

Now, can somebody please come do the wiring for ceiling lights in Irfan's room, FOR FREE????

*Tips for the day* I got this tips from Deko Idaman on TV3 yesterday. You can use lampu kalimantang (if I'm not mistaken) to create a wonderful effect for your bedroom. The lamp need not be fixed on the ceiling or wall like we always do, instead put it behind your headboard (bed) provided that the headboard is placed close to the wall. Once swithced on, it'll instantly create a romantic mood, and best of all ... IT'S CHEAP!! Do try it out and let me know of the result k.


  1. lompat si katak lompat..ingat katak tau lompat ja,hehe!! lampu tu nmpak ja cam terang tp only that area ja la..nmpaknya kena tukaq yg lain la!! change pls..

  2. intan : haa muncul pon minah ni hehe..oit! ingat beli lampu guna daun pisang ka senang2 nak tukaq..huhuhu...biaq la irfan dok bergelap dalam bilik tu malam2, baru membesar menjadi budak yang berani (tak macam mama dia) hehehe

  3. lepas ni kak yah boleh decorate bilik farha la ye. comel gilaaaa katak tu!

  4. comey...lampu tu utk lampu tido je...xde la gelap gulita sgt...

  5. just make it the tidoq room la ... nak brighter light go to the hall ... hehehe ... i think it makes a very cute night light ... tidoq mesti lena ... hehhe ... btw the bulb light tu we bought eh??? =P

  6. farha : thanks cute kannnn...

    kak ct : itulah malangnya si Irfan masih tidoq bawah ketiak mamanya haha

    Kak rina : tidoq room for who? definitely not my anak bujang!! hehe...yerp! that's the table lamp u gave us masa housewarming's quite bright, suits the purpose!



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