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All The Simple Yet Beautiful Things

I'm a sucker for cute and beautiful things. And I'm quiet fussy when it comes to things I have in my life. I would not think of myself as a PERFECTIONIST, it's just that I'm very fussy. Like during our wedding, I was adamant to spend huge amount of time on each little details. And I know all my family members, aunties and cousins rasa nak sekeh je pompuan cerewet nih got huge headaches because of my fussiness.

But everyone did a good job and I was satisfied with how things turned out, despite the minor glitches. So, since I feel like walking down the memory lane today, let's see some of the pics of the little details on our wedding, shall we?

The main table gifts

I got my colleague to sew the organza pouch, and my cousin helped assembled the flowers/butterfly/ribbons/card

Ice Carving

My bro's friend did this for a very affordable price. I love it. Oh yang paling penting, I didn't pay for it, my bro did. ;-)

The hantaran

I bought these topi cina mampus sacks and my aunt did an excellent job in decorating it. Oh, my cousin sponsored the chocolate, gila banyak!

Got the tray at Amcorp Mall - set of 3 for a very cheap price

During that time, this was one of the latest design lah for fondant, they called it the french lace design if I'm not mistaken.

The Wedding Cake

Last time, I didn't know about any other cake shops in Penang other than the place where I got this. I ordered it last minute, I think a week before the wedding (crazy isn't it?). Luckily the aunty was able to make it albeit the strings of curse lectures thrown at me, hence the very simple design.

Roses Along the Aisle

I was so worked up that people might forget to scatter the roses kalau boleh rasa macam nak pi tabur sendiri, so I kept on reminding and bugging my cousin until the very last minute to do it. She did a pretty good job, I love how the roses beautify and add details to the old and worn red carpet.

Other than that, I also designed and printed our own wedding bunting, and with the help of my mum and another cousin, we made our own personalized wedding favors.

Wedding Favours

The personalized wedding favors for all guests, we made a thousand pieces of these, crazy kan?? It's very ME, and that's what I like about it. Exquisite, don't you think? Whenever I go to some relatives or friends house, I still see them in the display cabinet of tuan rumah, it's like a memory that last forever. Sigh...

Because I spent huge amount of time in each little detail and being cerewet to the max to make sure things turn out the way I wanted them to, I can say that whenever I think of our wedding, I can smile in satisfaction. :-D


  1. simple yet detailed ... pwettyy!!! ^_^
    I can never be as meticulous as you ... selalu tutup satu mata ... -_O ... hehehe

  2. waah cantek2 hantaran..kek pon cantek jugak!

  3. kak rina : yeah but you are detailed in your own way. and you like pretty stuff to, don't you?

    farah : thanks dear :-D

  4. i remember the little handpainted glass jars u made!

  5. ermm,semua hantaran cantik. dan paling menarik sekali yg choc tu..hehe!!

  6. kayla : of coz, datang umah ja aku dok wat benda tu kan. u still have it?

    intan : haaa sah2 la choc paling menarik pasai dia yang sponsor! hahaha

  7. 1st and foremost, I dont think the cake to simple.. just cukup² cantik je.. a tiny bit more elaborate design might be too much so your cake is actually perfect :)

    2nd.. awat tak buh gambaq gelas yg awak buat tu? Those were the more precious of all tau!!! Sy ngan Bart dok beleeeeek la time balik tu

  8. everything was gorgeous! the good thing abt being cerewet. and you made ur own handpainted glasses? wow

  9. anne : hehe thanks. i shall put up the glass painting favors soon coz i'm proud of it! hehe :-D

  10. allo cousin -- the roses petals were done by me okay!!! I had to make sure everybody do not forget to bring the petals from home (which I and ur bro went and get it) and keep reminding people not to forget to tabur it on the red carpet.. punya la kecut perut ku takut kena marah kalau terlupa buat ...hehehe.. u were really mistress of cerewet ;)-- hahaha.. esok anak hang (anak teruna takpa la, anak dara) esok aku tak tau la...

  11. yong : alamak it was you ka ingatkan yone! haha sorry! haaa yes tapi slalu prangai tak turun kat anak kot, dia turun kat cucu kwang kwang kwang..



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