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Bibik Penatlah Memasak

Omigod. I slaved myself in the kitchen more than 2 hours to prepare meal for Iftar tonight. We had plain rice with chicken curry (again!), ikan bakar, air asam, udang goreng tepung, kangkung belacan, omelette and pappadam. Oh that was tiring, I cooked until all my fingers shrunk (kecut). I didn't even had the mood to take pictures as I was already slouching on the sofa minutes before it was time to break fast.

Despite the tiredness, it was all worth it as tonight, the first after 6 days of fasting, hubby ate with such vengeance. He ate until there's no more rice left in the cooker, and he still ate the bits and pieces of what was left of the lauk pauk. Alhamdulillah, the effort I put in was worth it. After all, it is said that they way to a man's heart is through his stomach, rite? :-D

Just a couple of minutes earlier, hubby ajak buat kuih raya tonight. Am I up to it? Though it'll be nice to do it together-gether with him sambil main baling tepung manja-manja, I don't think I want to slave myself over the oven tonight.

So let's just wait until Saturday okay. And now I'm off to put my feet up!



  1. banyaknye lauk u masakk..rajin sungguh..i masak plg byk pon 3 lauk je hahhaha..pastu mmg terbongkang penatla..

  2. salam ramadhan,wah you also so rajin masak and always ada curry:)penat kan tapi berbaloi..puas hati:)re: as for me i tak ler bangun dari subuh nak masak:)as office close at 5.00 during this puasa so i reach home around 5.30,play with the twins about half and hour,at 6.00 start kat dapur,alhamdulillah sempat, ada about 10 mins to rest before buka.

  3. best nya boleh masak for iftar..i jeles..dah tu pndai masak..lg jeles!! ahahahah..btoi kata org tua ya..lebih berkat bg suami mkn makanan dr air tgn kita..huhuhuh..

  4. farah : haha itulah usually 3 lauk max, tapi yesterday cita2 menggunung haha. memang terbongkang penattt

    mamatiamia : wahh respect, balik keja pun sempat cook as many dishes as u had on the table. oh yes,somehow curry is the easiest to cook for me, and bila takdak idea masak curry ja la. hehe

    mikyal : takla pandai. i pun tengok2 resipi dan cuba ja, still learning. u pun pandai what...i nak tiru resipi baked macaroni u nanti hehehe..

  5. rajin la u masak byk lauk....
    wah buat kuih raya lagi...

  6. alamak, i jealous la pulak the fact that you cook for ur hubby & he pekena smpi licin pulak tu! (but seriously tak jealous abt the penat part)

  7. Hi Salam Ramadhan to you!

    And I must say, you sound like you really can cook! It must be delicious lah sampaikan nasi pun habis!

  8. baiz..kalu bibik bukan penat but bibik udah capek..kekekekeke

    x mo jemput kitaorg buka posa ka?? ada kat Penang nih...

  9. masak penat2 makan sampai abes tkpe..bebaloi...hihih
    ma hubby kind of tknk mkn bykk...nk ditet pose tk boley lebey than 3 dishes...hihihi

    nwey u r taggged :D



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