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What does Ramadhan this year brings ?

Is it true what they say about the devil being tied up during Ramadhan? Because I seriously wonder why we still do outrageous things that hurt other people during this holy month. Perhaps it's because we'd succumbed to devil's orders for the whole year that even when he is not around, we still have the evil deeds in us? Oh, I don't know. I seriously don't know.

But I do know that I've had a tiring weekend. Tiring for the mind and soul, not the body. I wish I'm allowed to write about it just to let it out of my system. What I can say is clearly, Ramadhan this year didn't bring goodness and rahmat to some people, instead they're using the holy month as an excuse to plant bad seeds, and blame it on other people. That's what happens when you're not clear of your nawaitu to welcome our beloved Ramadhan into our life. Enough said.

On a happier note, Irfan has been getting along well with his younger cousin, Al-Arees. Since Arees is no longer scared of him, they bonded quite well on Saturday night at our father in law's. They even played kejar2, and it was sooo cute. I wish I had it recorded in my phone, especially the part when Arees ran after Irfan and pulled on his shirt. My son looked real funny when he was scared and didn't know what to do about it, hence broke into tears! Hahaha, now Arees has taken his sweet revenge on you dear son!

On his eating habit, while he might've been refusing food at our house, Irfan ate quite well at his grandparents. When we first arrived at my PIL's house, he went to kitchen and rummaged the cabinet looking for "Bikuuuttt, bikuuuttt". Like his mama didn't feed him for a week. Duhh! Then later at my parents', he sat on my mum's lap and ate the smoked-turkey sandwich, some sweet-tasting bun and a bar of chocolate she got on the bus (on her trip back to Penang). Oh, he sure missed her as he sat on her lap for so long without moving. IF you know my son, he wouldn't sit still on people's lap without wanting to be free.

And when she pretended to cry, he came and kissed her and wiped her tears, cuteness! And when she said "Maktok nak pi KL lah jaga baby Emran", he showed a cute sad face. Pelakon kanak-kanak tebaik betul lah. That morning when he woke up from sleep, he didn't even looked for his mama, instead he shouted "Makkk, makkkk" (that's what he calls my mum). Mama was of course happy that I got to sleep till noon. Haha..

Till this weekend Irfan, you be a good boy okie so that I will let you play with Arees and see your grandparents again.


  1. hye..salam kenal :D bump ur blog from moms bloger :D

  2. iefa : hi salam kenal gorgeous..ur so pretty. *grin*..thanks for dropping by ya ;-)

  3. hahaha ... he so loves ur mom!!! muka ceria beria ... like how arees loves my mother ... can see it in their faces kan!??! ^_^

    ala this weekend cannot meet arees la ... insyaAllah next weekend ok ... both can bully each other and make havoc !!!! ^_^



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