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Earlier this morning as I checked my comment box in my blogger, I found a comment from a fellow blogger saying that she got here from the momsblogger review on my blog. I was like Omg! I didn't even remembered submitting my blog url to be reviewed, what was I thinking? I was quite scared that I'd get 1 or worse ZERO! star ratings as I only write craps here in this blog. Tapi redha ja lah, dah direview pun kan.Anyway, here's how the review went.

ADramaMama – Blog Review

I Love My Life. Just Because It’s Full Of Drama, that the tagline that I saw upon checking ADramaMama blog for this review. The tagline is clearly written together with the blog’s title on a white header decorated with a cup saying “save the drama for your mama“.

A Drama Mama

The owner used a blog background bt The blog layout is a 2-columned with one sidebar on the right. On the sidebar, there are nuffnang ads, shoes picture, some information about the owner, some banners, follower widget, twitter updates, links to favorite blogs and online shops, blog archives and a shoutbox.

The owner uses a light brown background with black text for the content. Perhaps, the owner could consider making the background a bit lighter so the black text is more outstanding than the background.

Content wise, the owner is doing good for activity by keeping regular posting. The owner writes mostly about her child, family, personal life and things that circle aorund her life. All blog posts are also accompanied by relevant pictures, and more than one in most cases which adds to the interest and appeal of the blog.

I’m giving this blog 3 star rating out of 5. This blog gets above average for content and uniqueness. Whereas, activity, appearance and navigation scores below average.

  1. Content 0.6
  2. Uniqueness 0.6
  3. Activity 0.8
  4. Appearance 0.6
  5. Navigation 0.6

Here’s a suggestion of thing that I think the ownner could do.

  • The owner could consider creating a new header. The current one is nice but the picture of the cup looks a bit distorted due to resizing.
  • The current 2-column layout could be replaced with a 3-column template with 2 sidebars for a neat-looking blog.
  • Navigation could be improve by adding an Archive in a ‘dropdown‘ style and move it further up on the sidebar. Please also consider adding a Label/Category widget so that readers would have an idea what the blog is mainly about. Both help the readers to find their way in the blog such as finding older posts etc.
  • To improve the content and uniqueness, the owner could consider adding more useful contents on subjects that she knows best.

That’s all my review on ADramaMama! What do you think about this blog? Leave constructive comments here for Baizurah.

And, to Baizurah, keep up all the good work and happy blogging!

Okie lah tu, 3 stars is the average ratings most bloggers got. Oh yes I know, there's so many room for improvements in this blog. I started out writing blog for fun, and now I'm determined to make the most of it. Mana tau, kot2 boleh tambah pendapatan dengan berblogging.

So people, if you want your blog to be reviewed by Little Mama from momsbloggerplanet, just click here to join the mommies community and request for review.

Happy blogging everyone~


  1. sis..
    ur husband Jenan jugak ke?
    My husband SPM 1999...
    Nway nice blog sis!Love it.
    Keep in touch

  2. jetsetter : a'ah jenan, but dia spm 97. he's ur husband's senior by 2 years lah.

    thanks, will definitely keep in touch. :-D

  3. hahhaha...boley tak i terkejut ade name baizurah dlm ur entry...was readung tetibe kuar name i...then bru teringat ur name same ngan mine ;p muahhahahha...
    terkejut kejap ;p

  4. chaiyok..bai..chaiyok..!! x nak ke wat giveaway ke...contest ke..since your dah dikenali ramai ni?

  5. yeaayyyy !! kena review dah :-)

  6. verde: haha, i'm sure u were like wth! why did my name came out pulakkk? kan kan? haha

    kak ct : mana ada dikenali ramai, tak fofular lah. contest giveaway, tak pandai lah...

    mikyal : a'ah dah direview, maluuu :-p

  7. TIGA!!! hahaha like Aqil Irfan!! I also wanna try!!! ^_^

  8. ok i baru tahu nama u baizurah hahahaha..asyik panggil drama mama je hehe

  9. papakeechee : yeah, my son's fave number, and my lucky number. haha

    farah : haha sekarang dah tahu name betul, tak glemer langsung nama. DramaMama macam cool sikit hehehe..



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