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Al-Arees is ONE

Last Saturday, my BIL and family held a housewarming cum birthday celebration of their son who turned 1 last month. They just moved into their new house, and so was pretty excited to have people over for makan-makan.

My biras cooked most of the dishes by herself, and mind you, she even cooked ayam masak merah for 15 people. That's her first attempt and I would say it turned out better than expected. I told you that you have the skills in you, just need to polish it up selalu. Haha.

Anyway, at first when I heard that they were going to paint the house colorful I thought it would look too childish. But once we were in their house and saw the whole setting with complete furniture and everything arranged in it's proper place, it actually looked quite cozy. Even though there were mumbo jumbo mixture of colors everywhere, but the right arrangement made them look harmonious with each other. And I love the fact that they covered the whole wall with the curtain, that surely made the hall looks much bigger. Oh btw, she sewed her own curtain, amazing isn't it?

The cozy hall

What I like most is their 'wall of fame' where they mostly have their son's pictures up, together with their wedding pics. They used different sizes and colors for frames, and it looked excellent. Sigh, that reminds me that we haven't completed Irfan's wall in his room. We've put up all the drawings but there are still some gap for pictures of him with all his grandparents to be hung there.

Back to the celebration, after the doa selamat, everyone proceed to fill our tummy with the variety of foods. There were home-made tortilla, wantan which looked more like popiah haha, kebab, putu mayam with ayam masak merah, pulut kuning and sambal daging. Oh, and I made the so and so desert, custard with lychee.

After everyone were done eating, here comes the best part, cake cutting! The cake was cute, a big number one cake with stars fondant plastered all over it. But it's a bit too sweet for my liking, but for the price they paid I think it was quite a steal. Oh, it was sponsored by my biras's sister, AZURA JAMAL. Haha..Let's enjoy the pics.

The cute cake

The proud parents urging their son to blow the candle, haiyah he's only one la, mana reti lagi! haha

Mr. Hubby suap gula, eh I mean cake to Al-Arees. The boy really loved the cake I tell you!

We had fun at the party, but I was too tired of taking care of that little boy of my mine throughout the week (he got fever remember?) and he was still clingy on that day itself, so I just wanted to get back home and sleep.

I hope Arees like his pressie, it's nothing grand but it was bought with loving thought especially for you Al-Arees bin Ali Akbar. :-D Happy birthday dear, may you have a properous life ahead.


  1. AMIN!!! Thanks aunty PINK!!!! Will definitely love it ones my daddy remembers to give it to me this friday!!! hehehe ....

    Btw it was a pleasure having u guys over ad cooking for the family ... i guess it was tea time so all not in the eating mood ... tak pe good first time training for us ... will definitely improve the next time ... Thanks again for making the party a success ... boleh buat lagi!!! ^_^

  2. papakeechee : haha arees, sorry couldn't find anything pink to give you so i settled for multiple colors instead :-p

    thanks for having us, sila buat open house lagi ya, tapi jangan panggil ramai2 nanti pening hua hua hua

  3. hahaha rumah ini hanya boleh menampung max 15 org ... i think i wanna reduce to 10 at a time ... runtuh rumah kang!!! kekekeke

  4. hi drama mama,cuteeenyerrr birthday boy:)i bought the curtain from one of the kiosk outside giant,i think they have a shop selling things for bathroom and bedroom at a budget price..if you are lucky among the not so attractive ones you ll find a pretty one:)

  5. aah laa cutenye kek tu..hehe sedap nama anak buah u ni baizurah

  6. mamatiamia : ya, cute kan. that's why the parents are proud parents hehehe..oh, ada eh? i must remember to check with giant in penang since i live here :-) thanks for the info ya.

    farah : kan, nama dia unik kan. yerp the cake sure is pretty :-D



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