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Baby one more time!

Lerrr...apa nih, tak abeh-abeh lagi cerita pasal bilik Irfan? Hehe...oh yes I know you guys might get bored, but until we're completely done with the room, I can't help but post on the progress of the room deco.

So today we finally settled on filling the white frames with the selected pictures. It was quite hard to choose the pics as most of those that I wanted to develop were in landscape position. But I finally selected the final five on the weekend and so we took some time to survey the price for 8R pictures first, and I'm telling you guys that the most expensive ones we found was a shop in Tesco. They quoted RM10 per piece and when I asked the assistant if they can discounted the price, the bodo sombong guy who acted like he was the boss other guy arrogantly said to his assistant, 10 RINGGIT AND NO LESS! without even glancing at us. Hubby called up our photographer friend and he said the most expensive would be RM6 for 8R. So guys, don't develop your pictures there.

Anyway, we always developed our pictures at this shop beside Gelugor Post Office as it came highly recommended by our photographer, but somehow this time we wanted to try do it somewhere nearer to our home. Hubby dropped by the shop at Desaria yesterday and the tokeh told him it'd be RM6-RM8 per piece, depending on the quality of pictures that you want. So since the shop is near to our house, he decided to develop it there rather than driving all the way to Gelugor to have them developed.

We paid RM7 per piece, and the result is very satisfactory. We would definitely use their service again.

My favourite piece, coz it shows the affection between father and son

Anyway, the tokeh mentioned to hub that they do the booklet/coffee table book printing as well and the price range from as low as RM20 (smallest booklet that you could hang in the car) to RM220. That's quiet cheap isn't it? Can somebody give us your professional opinion on the price, as we're quiet interested to do a booklet on Irfan's birthday party pics?


  1. Waaahh.. suke la gambo² tu.. btw, which kedai ah?

  2. speechless!! cantik semua pics tu,love it!!
    pasai mamat tu,awat yg berlagak sangat,org nak bagi business dok layan macam ntah apa2..
    luckily la kan,xbuat kat kedai tuh.padan muka sama dia..hahahaha

  3. ayu : kedai tu top level, same level ngn Tesco. I'm not sure of the name, but I think that's the only kedai gambar kat level tu kot?

    intan : comei kan gambaq2 tu..mai la tengok real life :-D itulah, berlagak..dahla mahai..quality blom tentu. kan dah rugi satu customer :-p

  4. aiyooo teruk betul perangai ... dah dpt business then tolak like tat ... tat is pure bodoh ness ... =)

    but i love the background plus the photos ... sungguh match ... i bet it's his fav room for now ... when i come over and if u see me MIA, i'll be hanging out in here only k ... kekeke...

  5. papakeechee : itulah, tah apa2..

    yerp, it's officially OUR fave room. haha, masa baru2 siap painting dulu kan, he always disappeared from my view, tengok2 ada in that room. hahaha

    can't wait to have arees in there as well :-D



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