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H1N1 - the pandemic

The spread of H1N1 is getting wider. Death cases increase each day. The gov is now admitting that it has become a serious health case in our country. My mum is going to KL today to take care of our nephew lil Emran, and I pray there won't be transmission of virus on her way there. InsyaAllah.

Nowadays, we try to limit spending times in public places with Irfan, as it's more dangerous for children and elderly to get infected with this babi disease. Alhamdulillah so far, everyone in our family are in good health. And I pray that it'll stay that way for us. Please God, save us from H1N1.

* I wonder if people are still eating pork???


  1. Thought of sharing some shocking info.

    According to a governent doctor , Kesihatan staff (doc/nurse, etc) are given the seasonal flu vaccines, bcoz they are the ones at high risk. People like us, if we have the symptoms, they will just give the basic medicine like panadol /cough medicine and will be asked to go back. The actual test for HINI virus is throat swap.

    The swap test has 5 stages of testing. If the very first stage shows -ve result, then they will not proceed to the next steps. the reason she gave is bcoz One test kid cost around RM800! OMG the kerajaan is so kedekut...

    Only those at critical stage will be entertained at GH... She said if the school is closed for 1 week that means 10% of the people there have been infected. Let say 200 students infected, U know how many throat swap test they do? only 3.

    No wonder the death rate is keep on increasing :( So bottom of the story, go straight to private hosp and do the throat swap our self.

  2. Bai..
    talking bout health and stuff i ngan carliff tgh kena kuarantin kat umah wif due to bilateral conjunctivitis-eyes disease..
    he got it from his babysitter at the nursery and pass it to me..kweng2..(tapi kasih ibu kan..sakit sihat dikongsi bersama..chewahhh!)

    Bout this H1N1..i had a bit bad news to let u /viewers know sis tak lepas saringan kedua to this bad disease..tomorrow she's goin to do the blood test for the second time..she's now tgah di kuarantin di Intan Bukit Kiara coz she had 6 mos course there..
    i mohon doakan yg terbaik untuk satu-satunya adik perempuan kesayangan kami sekeluarga..

    Plis take care of ur little ones, avoid public..jaga kebersihan..

    Much lov..

  3. puga : thanks for sharing the info, i'm sure everyone reading can benefit from it. oh, because of stinginess, our lives are put at risk! that's very very bad politics okie. :-(

    aiza : ohh...hope u two get well soon. baru ni zoora n hubby kena, u guys send ur kids to the same nursery eh?

    praying for ur sis to get well insyaAllah. let's take care of ourself and family ya..

  4. A'ah same nursery..
    hve u heard latest news bout zoora?

    and bout my sis, ya..lets pray harder!

  5. aiza : what's the news? u mean news that she's pregnant is it?



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