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Wall art for my boy's room

I always have the common opinion that a nursery/ toddler's room should be decorated with some colorful paintings, not only to brighten up the room, but also to make the room more fun to play and sleep in. Agreeable enough, no?

So I was thinking rather than spending more money on paintings that might not turn out to be exceptionally good, why not use some of my old drawings during my school days. I can't say they're damn good that people would want to buy it, but at least they are good enough to be hang in my son's room, as I believe there are some intrinsic and sentimental values to it.

I'm going to re-use the frames that my mum used to frame those drawings last time, only this time I'm going to repaint them off-white.

As there's limited space on the walls, I'm going to have to choose only three paintings. I have my picks, but not too sure whether it'll be the best. Can you guys help me choose?????

Painting No. 1

Painting No. 2
Painting No. 3

Painting No. 4

Painting No. 5
Painting No. 6
Painting No. 7

Okie guys, cast your votes now!!


  1. My vote hands down Painting NO.6 and NO.7 ... Unfortunately I cant decide on the third one la. Takut tak suit the room colors plak. Painting NO.2?!??!

  2. Setuju sgt..guna je our own touch. Sonok tgk drawings tu..leh jd pelukis ni.
    Kak asiah vote for:
    No. 3 - coz biasa kid suka fish
    No. 6 - coz Irfan kan boy
    No. 7 - coz panda tu comey

  3. I like panda, Nemo and outta space.. tak ingt la numb berapa :p

  4. so the tribe has spoken...hahahaha..keep the votes coming in guys!

  5. no 6 please :D
    soo cute! ada roket semua.

  6. bai, ur paintings are so colourful! i love them! u should put them all to fill the wall.. guna different frame sizes, and different margin widths, and just let the paintings fill up one side of the wall! uh uh uh.. satu lagi! don't forget to scan them first, coz later, u could reprint them into little cards to use for ur son's (or future children's) party invitation cards! or even put the small versions of the paintings on ur desk, hubby's office, gift to ur parents, OMG! OMG! i'm getting excited!!!

  7. farha : seems like everyone voting for no. 6 hehe

    kayla : yes i chose only the most colorful ones. :-p good idea jugak nih to put all, different sizes of frames eh? what about the colors? different colors gak?? wahh...i'm sure it'll look good but i'm just not too sure if i can carry it out. takut tak jadiiiik!!

  8. check out some designs of children's room here Go crazy!

  9. i'd go for 3,6,7 too!
    hmmm.. may be can get your 'professional service' to paint sthg for ariez? hehe




  11. Yah,
    Kak Yan pilih 2,6 dan 7.... Kak Yan paling minat nombor 1 tapi sebab umur irfan...rasanya 2,6 and 7 yang sesuai.

  12. kayla : thanks buddy will check it out!

    kakak : ya those seems to be the all time favourite hehehe..oh! that was done when i was still in school. ask me to paint now, u might not like the outcome.

    but if u insist...... (mata dah naik juling nampak simbol $$$$$) wakakakaaka

    soraya : well that's becauuuuuuseeeeee like i said it was from my schooling duuhh!

    now stop laughing! :-p

    kak yan : haaaa! ada gak orang appreciate painting no. 1..bukan senang tau nak buat gambar ribut taufan camtu...thanks kak yan! :-D

  13. i like painting no 2, 4 and 6....why? sb it shows daya imaginasi bdk2-fantasi,creatif....alaaa bdk2..their imagination is beyond our expectation....kite dewasa lbh pada realiti....

    tp as suggested by kayla pn i agree jugak....

    sb sayang la klau x d frame smuanye cntik2....very nice....


  14. buena : point taken. rasa macam nak go with kayla's suggestion gak...hang them all kan. insyaAllah nanti kita tengok hasilnya ya :-D



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