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Can he speaks at the age of 1 year 4 months?

Bob the builder, yes he can! Haha...

Alhamdulillah at the age of 1 year 4 months Irfan is communicating well with his surrounding. So to celebrate this, and also the fact that this post marks the 100th entries I've posted so far in my new blog, The Drama Mama, I would like to record down some of Irfan's vocab so far:

MAMA (with deep voice)
ABAH (with deep voice too)
Mak - his grandma (maktok)
Pahhhh - his uncle
Kakak! - all the girls he sees around
Abang - all the boys he'd love to play with
Auntie - aunties
Daddy - my in-laws
Babieeee - babies and toddlers alike (He really love babies, but in showing his affections he'll either pinch or spank them haha)
Ayaq - water
Hush - shoes
Cheesh - cheese
Melq - milk
Car - car
Akat - angkat
Ish - fish
Caaaaaaaatttttt!!! (high shriek) - cat
Babbit - rabbit
Yayen - lion
Teet teet - bird tweeting
Mee mee - cat meowing
Eat - he wants to eat
Ting - Pacifier (Puting)
Cook - mama's cooking
Abat - Medicine/ Ubat
Bubba - Bubble
Yak yakk - to tell us that he pooped
Daity - dirty
Pika - Peekaboo
Cakkk! - playing peekaboo too
Tiggaaa - when u say satu, dua...he'll say tigaaa!
Up-da - he wants to play UP-DOWN , u know the game where I swing him with my feet up and down up and down
EEEKKKKK! - i'm here!
Hotdog hotdog - singing the hotdog song from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Wattahurnectly@#$@$!!! Rwkbnfaogrjhreel$#@^%$^!!! Knwrjkhbnewrk - his gibberish talk that i dun understand! Wakakakaka

There are more words that I can't seem to recall right now, but whatever it is, again praise to Allah that he's growing up to be an active and healthy boy. He seems to love living so much, and looking at him makes you too wanna enjoy life as much as you can.

His current obsession now, besides reading, is to BRUSH HIS TEETH. Perhaps it's the orangey flavour of toothpaste that got to him. :-D

Everytime we enter the toilet, there goes the shrieking, feet-stamping and tantrum-throwing, at times this boy ended up on the floor just because I won't let him brush his teeth.

"Hello sayang, mama nak basuh poo-poo ja, satgi malam brush la teeth tu nak oi!
" Tsk tsk tsk...


  1. *aunty Rina clapping like mad woman ...

    clever la my nephew ni and especially when u call me KAKAK ... kekekek ... please teach ur little cousin also ... all i hear from him is oglio oglio ?? probably wants me to make him one?!!? hurmmm ..

    anyways keep up the good work k ... talk more and more and drive ur MAMA up the wall ^_^

  2. aunty rina : amboi aunty, clapping like crazy yaa...i call you KAKAK just to bodek okie, i dun really mean it. ekekekekeke

    arees said oglio oglio?? oh that means "MAMA GET ME MORE TOYS!!" in our gibberish talk. i know coz i used to say that to my mama too but she ignored me most of the time. tsk tsk tsk...

    Okie, I will try very hard to drive everyone up the wall by being talkative k. :-p



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