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Jom kita cat dinding!

We went to survey the paints for our walls yesterday. I never knew it's such a hassle to choose the right color for your home. There seems to be nothing that caught my eyes. Perhaps it's because I can't really decide what color will look good on our wall, and compliment the rest of the furniture. Sigh....susahnya!!

There are a couple of colors from ICI dulux that caught my attention, but it was of the red range. Somehow, the color does look glorious in the fliers. But of course I don't dare paint my wall that color, for fear of ending up looking like we're celebrating Chinese New Year all year long. But red brings ong, doesn't it??? Oh well...

My husband got us these sample of brown color range from Jotun, and after looking and looking and then looking some more at it, I think the best color that I could settle for is 4040-Y90R. It's dark enough for me, and it has a reddish tint to it, yet it still fall under the brown category, doesn't it?

We also plan to paint one wall in Irfan's room, the feature wall. We've bought a froggy wall light to compliment the wall too.

I want to mix three shades of blue in one wall. We might go for a Grade B paint instead of Grade A because, well, what other reason but to save cost! And since I don't have the confidence that it'll turn out the way I want it to be, we might as well buy cheaper one first and experiment on it. Perhaps later when we want to paint the whole bedroom then we'll go for Grade A paint.Or perhaps... ish ish banyak pulak perhaps-nya!

It would really be easier if we get professional help on this kan. Will the real professional designer, please stand up?


  1. -$$$$-sigh...

    p/s:hehehe...marah bini aku

  2. anon : alah...sacrifice $$$ sikiiiit ja..esok2 orang mai umah, depa kata cantiiiik rumah amin, sapa gak yang kembang idung? awakkk jugakkkk :-p

  3. Since i'm 'berat bontot' here, it seems I'm NOT the professional designer hehe.. Hey! I always thought YOU were the creative one amongst us!!! :p

  4. baru blog ni pun ceria ja...
    mmg fening kan nak pilih color...kak asiah pun xleh decide lg color utk bilik anak..combine blue & pink bleh tak?hmm..

  5. 4040-Y90R is nice also ... then if u hang pics in white frames surely it will stand out.

    I'm excited about Aqil Irfans room now!!! Go nuts k!! ^_^

  6. ayu : aik bukan baru pi panjat bukit ka, patut bontot dah ringan tuh. wahahahaha..well, i'm not THAT creative lah :-p

    kak ct : itulah...fening! haa blue and pink sweet jugakkkkk :-D bai bari dapat new idea from my sister utk bilik irfan...ORANGE AND GREEN!!!!!! menarikkkkkk

    kak rina : yala i think it'll do. though my mind's eyes still seeing that glorious red from ICI. sigh...

    but as for the frame, there won't be no white frames lah coz the current ones are all gold for the living room, if i want to change one hafta change all. MONEY MONEY MONEYYY!!!! hehehhe

  7. orange & hijau ek..ok gak. Cuma kata member kak asiah..secara psycology nye warna cerah/terang akan membuatkan bdk aktif so..combinationnye kena la warna yg kurang cerah..dull skit.

  8. for kids room, warm colour is a no-no.. they'll be active and difficult to get to sleep.. lets say the room is going to be shared with other siblings, the best colour is blue. ramai yg tak suka blue sgt. but actually nowadays ada byk blue colour to explore nowadays, from marine to aqua to turqoise and many more.

    for adults (mom n dad) room, warm color is also a no-no .. it makes us restless.. so chose cool colours.. i suggest deep wine, or mauve is a nice cooling colour yet romantic.

    for dining room - blue is a no-no colour. usually dining room shud be coloured with warm colour because warm colour stimulate appetite. but, for domestic purposes, i've seen deep purple with wall art of yellow or brown - very nice indeed

    for living room.. this is where you can play aorund.. sbb takkisah colour apa.. the colour could be derived from your personality, or choose a theme you like. Brownish as you said, is a forever colour. to make things fun, walls could be brownish, but lighten up with bright colour curtains, cushion, carpet, etc.

    thats some tips how to choose colour.. im not going to choose for you of course :P because colours are personal choice.. oh ya.. to choose a theme or how to combine colours.. ada 4 types.. monochoramatic, triadic complementary and adjacent.. i've wrote this in my blog before..maybe you can use as guide

    by the way, about gred a ke, b ke.. it doesnt matter.. waht matters in choosing is actually how you wall is now.. kalau dia menggerutu, a.k.a tak smooth, there's a certain type for it.. kalau berombak there's certain type for it..

    thats all to share.. :D sorry tulis panjang2. btw, in my blog ada jugak colour direction 2009/2010 kalau nak jadik guide

  9. zoora : thanks a lot for the tips!!! now i need to google all those terminologies to find out what it means. hehe....

    green and orange is a warm color is it? so i guess back to blue lah for irfan's room..sigh...

  10. alaaaa bai...dulu kn pernah blaja psl color2 nie.....x pe klau buat experimen dulu pn.....buat kt bilik irfan....klau nmpak colorful pn org x rase pelik sb bilik anak....colorful n cheerful......perhaps creative hahahaaaa....


  11. green is cool colour. warm is yellow, orange and red.. nak senang refer to a colour wheel.. you can google it of course, the warm colour sits opposite to the cool colours



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