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London bridge is falling down!!

Oh no. I mean, Irfan felt down a couple of days ago. :-p

Irfan's first ever wound on the knee.

He felt down right in front of maktok's house as he was going to ride the swing with her. He cried for a few seconds and stood up funnily for a few minutes after, but that was it. After a while he was able to play slide and run around with all the kakak(s)and abang(s) at the playground. are a hero la sayang, just like your daddy!!! :-D


  1. ouchh..siannye. Bdk lasak mmg camtu. Arif pernah jatuh terlentang dr sofa..nangis kejap..pastu panjat balik sofa tu..ish ish..x serik langsung.

  2. kak ct :haha sama la. sentiasa jatuh dan bangun semula, bagus lah. that's the trait of successful people kan? :-p

    tapi awang ni first time jatuh berdarah, kalau takat jatuh sikit2 mimpi la dia nak nangis. he's a spiderman! hehe

  3. ouch!! poor boy ... arees always head down if he jatuh ... tat's y head always looks swollen ... akakakka ...

    ya la boys kena la macho rasa sakit if not later every single thing wanna cry one ...

  4. kak rina : haha kesian dia..takpa macho boys kena selalu jatuh, dan bangun semula :-D



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