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Eric, please come and decorate my dull casa!

Hubby and I plan to paint these two walls at our dining area, as currently they look too bare. There are 2 colors currently on my mind, it's either gonna be deep pink or maroon, or brown.

As the case with most condos and apartments, our dining area is interconnected with our living hall. Thus the maroon/pink shades will blend with our maroon sofa, and I'm quite fond of looking at it, as seen painted on our neighbour's wall.

However brown has always been my all-time favourite colour and it blends well with other colors too, don't you think?

So please people, please help me out with this. What colour should I go for?


  1. if you want to go for dramatic effect go for maroon but bare in mind because its darker your space will look somehow smaller. Brown would be a safer bet tapi common la sikit kot. Just my 2cents - Good luck yah!

  2. k.yah, intan suggest brown and barly white..
    buat dua combination mesti cantik..
    xsesuwei kot klau nak cat colourful..!! urmmpp.

  3. here's my opinion...y dont yu save ur husband the 2 bucks...muehehehehehehe....

  4. do exactly as the last picture ... looks identical to ur hall anyway ... have plenty of yellow light so no matter what it will look like the pic ... yellow light is the answer here !!!... ^_^

  5. Brown is awesome Bai. Brown with country-home-style deco is my favourite you know.

    Maroon & pink are also okay cause it will suit well with the sofa set like you said. But again the house will look more girlish... hehehe


    so BROWN wins huh! i was initially thinking of maroon for a bolder effect, but on second thought i'd look too girlish and redundant plak, maroon sofa, maroon wall...rite? plus i've never been attracted to red homes before this.

    so i guess brown it is...i just hope i won't change my mind later! :-D

  7. uuuuuuuffffff...i love ur dining table!kaler cuklit, aku suka cuklit! :D

  8. take a look at this site. they've got great design and colour schemes

  9. ayoooo... dull yer??? I love dull la pulak.. T_T.. lain org lain cite rasa lah yerr... ^_^

  10. cath j : hey thanks for dropping by. i rasa macam very dull but then again lain orang lain taste kan. hehe :-D



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