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Kuih Pasta

Saya sedang berusaha gigih untuk menggantikan puasa sebelum tibanya Ramadhan. I've been fasting since last week, and due to nafsu-nafsi I've been trying out simple 'kuih' recipes I can manage as side dishes coz I feel like breaking fast won't be complete without side dishes and a mug of steaming hot Kopi O' Hang Tuah (okie, drooling already!)

Today I remembered this one recipe - which I've forgotten the name - that I made many many months ago using angel's hair spaghetti, mince meat (beef or chicken), diced tomatoes, onions, capsicum, carrots, shredded cheese and eggs, and salt and pepper (I use black pepper) to taste.

I mix everything together in a bowl and ball them up like this before I deep-fry them.

I usually make a large portion and keep it it in the refrigerator, and fry them up whenever I feel like eating them. But jus tbe sure to keep it in a covered container as you don't want the ingredients to dry up.

Here's how it looks like after it's been fried. Not too pretty but it sure taste GOOOOD!

Selamat berbuka puasa to me! :-D


  1. Lekat ka using only those? Tak yah gune telur ek? Remimds me of 'murtabak maggi' hehe.. alaaa, dah la pose arini, trus je tingin.. you lah niii

  2. AYU : iyeee...kena guna telur. i think i stated EGGS there didn't i? :-p hehe awak buat jugak laaaa...kita bukak posa with this :-D

  3. cam senang je..leh cuba ni..kalu guna spageti biasa pun leh kan? dia akan jd cam bebola pasta la ek?

  4. uuuuuuu ... tat's new and so simple also ... u should change ur blog to

  5. kak ct : bole ja. guna maggi pon bole hehe...actually the size is about the size of begedil, tapi kalau nak buat kecik lagi terpulang lah.

    kak rina : nonsense lah :-p cooking IS very simple actually, be it pasta or curry. unless lah if u giling your own rempah and whatnot, then it'll be too much works la. u will agree with me once you start cooking.

    and btw, this recipe i think they modify from the ever-famous murtabak maggi like ayu said hehehe

  6. first time dgr nih, menarik! so what does it look like after dah goreng ek? mmg talk about food and looking at food menjemput rasa lapar betul la. dah la sejuk2 gini mmg asik rasa nak makan je

  7. mcm rupa cokodok pn ada jgk.

  8. kayla : looks more solid la coz of the egg. u can actually add a bit of flour to make it more kenyal/stick together, but not too much nanti tak sedap. i wanna eat all the time too nowadays, nasib puasa :-p

    amy : ha'ah cekodok italiano wakakkakaka

  9. I wanna bukak posa with you jugak.. grantyed you make thisssss

  10. ayu : hehehe bole, my house?? u set the date :-p

  11. looks tasty! reminds me of begedil.. uhh gotta buy some potatoes nak buat begedil banyak2!



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