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The St. Dalfour - Oh so heavenly!

I notice that lately I've been blogging on food, food and more food. And yet I still have more to blog about the subject.

As today I woke up with a flu just before Subuh, I decided not to fast for I don't think I could cope. Anyway, it feels like I haven't been breakfasting for such a long time so at around 7, I went into the kitchen and started making breakfast for ME!, and Mr. Hubby of course.

I had the most delicious ever breakfast today, steaming coffee with 2 pieces of toast spread with butter and the most delicious jam ever made! I remember I used to be a big fan of it while I was still in school, and my fave is the Blueberry flavour. Long time ago, I asked hubby to buy this jam while we were doing groceries shopping, and he only took one glance at it before he said no. "What brand is that, never heard of it before. Macam tak sedap ja..." that was more or less what came out of his mouth. So I let it go.

Then last week, my mum gave me a bottle of it, but it was the blackcurrant one. Hubby had a taste of it and was hooked up! The chunks of berries really got him. So I recounted to him the story of how I was very in love with the blueberry jam once upon a time, and how it really made waking up so early for breakfast, worth it. So yesterday he went to the store and got me my fave! Thank you soooo much cayang! I promise you it'll be a decision you'll never ever regret. *hugs and hugs some more*

So what's you favourite?


  1. i remember giving this super brand jam as my engagement a simbolic for sweet and harmony of rships and a sweet treats for groom to be...
    and yeah been using this ever since that..
    sooo yummmy mummy...

  2. Aiza : Wow! bagi jam as hantaran, good idea kan. and yerp it's super yummy esp the blueberry one!!! hehehe

  3. this is truly one of the best brands in the market. i don't have a fave, just keep buying different flavours each time.

  4. oooo ... the bottle looks familiar la ... it's like specialized for diabetes ppl kan?!!? how come i don't remember the big chunks of berries??

  5. anne : yes it makes breakfast the most anticipated meal of the day for me...hehehe..oh, i dun partiularly like blackurrant coz it's a bit sour, but my mum's fave is strawberry while mine blueberry. peach tu semua haven't tried. sedap eh?

    kak rina : specialized for diabetes eh? i have no idea. but we've been on it waaaaay before my parents got diabetes. oh the chunks of berries/other fruits is what makes it so yummyyyyy!

  6. Dah lama dah yong tak beli.. selalunya I'll buy in six packs (from Watson or Guardian) for Pak Chak and Mak Chak -- it is good for diabetic - i think because it uses less sugar or something like that..

    My fave would be the raspberry or the mixed fruit -- sedapp!!

  7. try yg figue pnya,pn sedap jgk :D



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