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The Bubble Boy

I haven't been feeling too well these past few days. I'm not up to blogging though I do have things to blog about. Irfan is bored to the max and keeps going to the phone, pick up the receiver and put it to his ear. I suspect he wants to call either his daddy at work, or one of his uncle to come pick him up and save him from being bored to death. Kecik2 dah pandai tau!

He is not eating well these days. He doesn't eat like he used to and rice just doesn't interest him anymore. Any suggestion on how to boost up his appetite? He would take biscuits and other junk foods but in small quantity. We really need to replenish our groceries as he'd been asking for cheese too often nowadays, he must really miss eating it.

Oh Mama, cheesh are just so yummeh!

Oh this boy really loveeeeess playing with water. Bath time is his fave because he gets to play with bubble! He'd go splish and splash, splish and splash. And when I reach out my hand to get the toothbrush he'd start shrieking in ecstasy "YEEEAAAAAAAYY!" with hands up in the air because he just can't wait to feast on the tasty toothpaste. Seeing such joy in the simple act of brushing teeth is just so refreshing. Haha..

So here's my bubba boy, splish splashing in the tub until his hands got all blue and wrinkled, and yet he still wanted more... tsk tsk tsk..


  1. Drama mama...

    Please be very careful okay. ur son might sue you in future bcoz you upload his nude pics while bathing!!! wahakakaka.....

  2. baizurah.....aaauuuuuwwwww....u made me really,really,really wanna haf a baby now!:D

  3. Mrs Shiv : Uuuuuu i'm scared! hahahah

    Amy : hehe... i want to have a baby too! wakaka...insyaAllah ada la rezeki tu nanti, just usaha and pray okie. :-D

  4. hi drama mama,thanks,my twins are full of dramas but that what made our life beautiful.Yr irfan is so adorable and so cute that he likes cheese..kid at that age always susah nak makan because they are active,chewing to them is a chore,they want to run here and there,try soft boiled macaroni with soup,that's my twins favourite,they are yummy and so much easy to eat plus filling too.

  5. mamatiamia : oh i agree, drama is what makes our life more interesting and beautiful. oh yes now that u mentioned it, i notice that chewing has become such a HUGE chore for him. thanks for the tips, will try soft boiled macaroni, hope he'll like it. :-D



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