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Our Brand New Dining Hall

I know I said I was gonna put up the pics of both the dining hall and Irfan's room in one entry. However, because hubby comes back late every night on weekdays, he doesn't have the energy nor the mood to continue with the painting job. And so we have to postpone it to this weekend.

Thus because I know you guys really can't wait to see (actually it is me yang dah tak sabar nak show off) my newly painted dining hall, I'm just gonna put up the pic in this entry.

At first when hubby started painting, I was horrified looking at how the color looked on the wall. Then he started calit2 here and there and I was even more horrified thinking that we're going to have to live with this ugly walls for God-knows-how-long. Since I was the one suggested this exact color to be painted, I wouldn't dare to suggest it to be repainted with yet another color. So berserah ja la to God and pray hard that it would at least be bearable to live with.

The man behind the job - an amateur at work

However, once the work progressed to almost 80%, I began to see that it will turn out okay after all. And the more I look at it, the more I love it.

And tadaaaa.... This is how it looks after completion.

Somehow it looks better in-person than in this picture, perhaps it's because of my bad skill in photography. Bad skill or not, this amateur painter did quite a good job after all, didn't he?


  1. nice..nice...kalu ada lampu chandeliar (betul ke eja ni?) tergantung tgh2 meja tu lg cantik ek..hehe

  2. kak ct : kan kan...malangnya kat situ dah tak leh nak letak lampu, too crowded d. :-( kalau nak alih fan nanti tak symmetrical dah the whole layout.

    but with plaster ceiling it'll look better kan, haaa kena start bodek amin nih :-p

  3. lamp shade yg mcm arabic style tu match

  4. mana ada amateur?? he painted his parents house kan!??! =P

    but the outcome is very nice ... i'm excited to see Aqil's room in person ^_^

  5. mcm cerita decor dlm tv pulak ada before after. nicely done! so is that the theme of ur living room? warna2 chocolate?

  6. zoora : now that you mention, it seems like a very good idea :-D

    papakeechee : yala he painted the MT house also la...but not doing it professionally whaaat..haha

    irfan room will hafta wait till this weekend lah :-D

    kayla : hehe saja buat gempak konon2 macam dalam tv :-p takla, the theme is mumbo jumbo huahuahua

  7. The color did look good even in picture, dear! I like dark colors as long as they don't cover the whole wall. Great job!

  8. precious : thanks...u got the same taste as mine, dark colours for feature wall kan... :-D

  9. Mmm... I think he did a great Job!!! ^_^

    Hi visiting your blog :)

  10. Cath j : hi thanks, he'd swell with pride if he hears the compliment. :-D

    Oh, and i've added the link to your online boutique in mine :-D



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