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Drill, drill and paint and drill and paint lagi

Today Mr. Hubby took a day off. The plan is to finish painting Irfan's room and settle all the drilling works by TODAY. But noon arrived, and he hasn't even finish the drilling part. Oh gosh, this is taking forever, we should really hire a professional to do this job, shouldn't we? But I still have faith in my hub, so let's see his performance until end of the day, shall we?

I'm glad that we FINALLY get to hang all those things that needed to be hung on the walls. For instance, this frame was given to us during housewarming last year and it had been terperuk in the darkest corner of the storeroom since then. I decided to hang it at the entrance, above our shoes cabinet. It kinda spice up the dull entrance, and make the plain black shoes cabinet appears more attractive. Really.

And this key-hanger or whatcamacallit, we got it during our Langkawi trip early this year. Now, I really regret not buying the neat boxy one, as this one looks quite messy with lotsa keys dangling from the hooks. Untuk sedapkan hati, my hubby reassured me that this one really goes well with our dining table. Hahaha, bolee tak?

The white-suci-mulus IKEA wall clock that felt down like ages ago, had been drilled back into it's original position. The a-tad-fancier-than-lampu-kalimantang ceiling lights had also been drilled into our bedroom ceiling. The froggy wall light at Irfan's room? Oh belum bole di letak lagi. One obvious reason is because the wall painting still hasn't complete. Another not too obvious reason is because hubby doesn't know how to do it, too many screws and accesories came together with it. Pening pening. Okie, so we'll wait for my cousin to come and fix it later.

Oh peeps, I better go back to polishing the lights or else hubby will shoot me with his killer glance. Uuuuu... I'm scared okie! :-p

--Updated at 8pm--

Oh my, the work will have to continue tomorrow. I'm starting to regret the decision to paint the boy's room now. I have a hunch that it would never be completed. Please, I really need a professional to help finish up the job, quickly!


  1. bai... your painting same as mine.. but mine not yet hanged on wall.. :)

  2. farra : u mean the one at the entrance? it's like 3d modeling something like that kan?

    cepat la gantung farra, nak tengok!

  3. alaaa ... mana pic of his room ayuyah!!! :P

  4. papakeechee : hehehe...tungguuuuuuuu! :-p

  5. oh yeah... u r most welcome ayuyah...i have completed the task within SLA...:P



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