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The tale of one Mister Birdie

Oh Mr Birdie, please get well soon. I can't stand seeing you lying there hopelessly, unable to freely roam the sky like before.

Yesterday evening after putting Irfan to sleep, I was in the kitchen preparing dinner for hubby when suddenly Irfan cried. I came to the hall and tried to put him back to sleep when I heard a noise nearby "tweeet tweeet!!". I turned to find the source of the sound and saw a bird perching on our dining table.

I was just trying to comprehend that there's a bird in our living hall when out of a sudden, Mr. Birdie started flying around the living room and making such loud noise that by reflects, I ran into our bedroom, taking my son with me. I was scared alright, I'm a chicken when it comes to animals (haha). I hate bugs and I'm scared of all animals except for ants.

After almost 15 minutes staying in the room, I needed to use my cell phone which was located in the living hall. So I sneaked out as quietly as possible hoping that Mr. Birdie had flew off into the sky again. But just as I was peeking into the hall, I heard the squeky sound and caught a glimpse of it perching on the wall light, ready to take off to fly around the hall, again. Oh! I hate it when it did that! It gave me a serious fright!!! And so I jumped and dragged my heavy son with me into the room.

As I was entering the bedroom, I heard a commotion and thought to myself "Oh my! He must have broken one of my glass decorations on the TV cabinet!!" but I was too chicken to check it out so I locked up the room and stayed there quietly with Irfan. It was actually funny to see Irfan at that time, coz he was confused of what got me running here and there so pointed his finger outside, with rounded shocked eyes and said "tuuuuu...tuuuuuuu" to me. So I went " Yes, yes, there's a bird running, errr, flying amok outside and mama is scared!"

Anyway, we stayed in the room for about one hour, or perhaps more until hubby came back. Of all the nights, he just had to come back late last night. I was pissed and so once he arrived home and found us in the room, I nagged and nagged before telling him about Mr. Birdie.

So he went to the hall to look for Mr. Birdie. I took Irfan in my arms and went outside too as I was already wondering why Mr. Birdie was suddenly quite.

He found it under the coffee table and oh my! Apparently Mr. Birdie's right wing was hurt. I guess the commotion I heard was that of it hitting the ceiling fan while it flew around. I felt bad. Mr. Birdie was afraid of me, and when it was flying around in confusion and fright, it got hurt.

"But Mr. Birdie, I'm afraid of you too. I didn't mean for you to get hurt. I just want you to be able to fly outside and roam the sky again with your friends.

We wanted to bring you to the vet last night, you know we did. We drove around but couldn't find any in the vicinity. We called some numbers we got from the net, but no one answered the phone. We really tried cause we felt so sad looking at you lying there helplessly.

I won't allow hubby to bandage your wing for I'm afraid that he'll hurt you more. We are no expert in animals. In fact, we know nothing about handling a bird.So Mr. Birdie that's why you're lying in my son toy box outside at the balcony. Cause we don't know what to do with you, and we just hope that you will heal by yourself and fly off to roam the sky again.

Listen, that's the sound of your family and friends calling out to you. They must've missed you, and wondering where you are. I don't know the language of a bird so I can't possibly tell them that you're here. So Mr. Birdie, please please please get well soon so you can meet them again, and do what you do best...that is being a free bird. I will pray for you Mr. Birdie, I promise you I will..."


Mr. Birdie has moved on to meet The Creator a few hours after i wrote this entry. Hubby buried him at our house basement (car park). Al-Fatihah


  1. alaaa kesian nya burung tu! habis tu kak yah buat apa? T_T

  2. where do you keep the birdie? is he ok now? how do u even know he's a mister??? byk nyer soal

  3. it's not your fault ... it was probably Mr Birdie's time to go and so he wanted the honor of "leaving" from your home ... May Mr Birdie rest in peace ...

    [maybe your Mr Birdie is some how related to my Mama Birdy who got slaughtered not so long back ... couldnt stand the lost of his wife?!?! something to ponder about ...]

  4. farha : kesian sangat. i felt worse because it happened in my own house, kalau kat luar tu tak la terasa sangat kan. btw, the next morning he passed away. sedih....

    anne : dah meninggal lah. i know he's a mister coz he's got "birdie" maaa...ekekeke lawak bodoh

    kak rina : perhaps it's true kan. they're husband and wfe kot. tapi i hope it's not a suicidal case lah..kalau tak nanti my house jadik haunted house plak. ngehehehe bole plak buat lawak.

  5. when a chicken meets a bird :) the ending is kind of nk buat cam mn,kuasa Tuhan.

  6. amy : chicken who? chicken little? :-p



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