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Fever oh fever please go away

Irfan is down with high fever. Yesterday's reading was 39.5 but today it has come down to 38.1.

Last night when we brought him to the hospital, his paed remarked that he didn't look like a boy with high fever coz he was busy playing and running around the reception area. Alhamdulillah, walaupun demam masih energetic anak mama nih. I'm less worried that way.

However, at times he's still clingy. Like when he wants us to hold him in our arms and carry him wherever we go, even to the toilet. Sometimes he only wants mama to do it. Sometimes he wants to lie in mama's lap until he falls asleep. And sometimes he just wants to cry for no apparent reason, perhaps because of the uncomfortableness.

Whatever it is, mama hope you will get well soon. Mwahs!

P/S : His maktok is down with fever as well. They seems to always get infected by each other, almost everytime! Dua2 antibodi tak kuat nih tsk tsk tsk...


  1. thanks for the wish aunty puga :-D

  2. oh kesian nye Irfan...get well soon ye..

  3. ohh irfannn
    dengar cakap mama makan ubat :D

  4. ala kesian ... get well soon k then only can bully arees ... kkekekke ^_^



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