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He's just not that into you

I'm still in bed at this hour, juggling between blogging and trying to put the little 'rascal' to sleep. So this is gonna be one very short and brief post. Sigh...

SOOOO... I haven't been watching movies for quite sometime now. The last one I watched was X-Men, that was perhaps 2 months ago. But it was at the cinema, not in the comfort of my own home. Anyway, during my university days I used to enjoy renting DVD to watch (in the comfort of my own room) as I was free to laughed out loud or cry or simply make as much noise as I wanted for that matter. But since I started working and then busy preparing to get married and then I finally got married and have a baby, I haven't had that moment to myself like I used to. Last night however, I was so in the mood for a movie, a romantic movie mind you, so after having our takeout and putting Irfan to sleep, I decided to watch this movie.

I watched it in bed with hubby but since it was already 12 am when we started he only watched it half-way as he needed to get up early for work. All the better for me as I was free to drool over the smoking hot Bradley Cooper without anyone getting annoyed. :-p

This is one very good romantic movie, and Bradley Cooper is just oh-so-cute!!! He's got the most - I mean second most - beautiful pair of eyes I've ever seen on a guy. The most beautiful would be those of my son of course, hahaha. Sorry hubby, you will have to make do with the third ranking :-p

The movie started with the ladies having some kind of problems with their love lives, and the things they did and said to comfort each other are just all too familiar. There are different love stories of different couples, and how they worked out their lives together to finally get their happy endings.

I especially love the story of Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck, and it brought tears to my eyes when he finally proposed to her after they got back together. (Oh, they broke up earlier after spending 7 years with each other because he didn't believe in marriage).

I loved seeing Bradley Cooper pairing up with Scarlet Johansson as they made such a beautiful couple. He being so cute and she being so hot. But I don't like their story that much, as he was a cheating husband! and she knowing that he's married, still pursuing him.

The stories of the other lovebirds are just as good and the way they intertwined to make one good movie is just amazing. I'd give this movie a 4 star, and it's definitely a must-watch if you are in the mood of a light, romantic movie.

OH! I'm just in such a good mood after watching it, I'm pretty sure I'll be smiling all day long today. La la la la la la la la la ....


  1. wah nice eh?!? my frens were saying the same also but i dont fancy watching romantic movies in the cinema ... hehhe

    will get the dvd then ... thanks for the update k ^_^

  2. aku rasa cam lama gila muvi nk abih...plot dia agak suram skit.

  3. kak rina : hehe very romantic, i like! but kurang action or drama lah, more on cakap2 :-D eh last time i loved to watch romantic movies at the cinema with my BFFs, the one I loved the most is "You've got mail!".tengok banyak2 kali pon tak bosan :-p

    amy : ahaaa perhaps it's not ur kinda movie kot. :-D tengok wayang ka DVD?

  4. movie that i've waiting to see too!!! tak sempat tgk kat wayang, but now the dvd is out. but kat tempat rental asik abis je orang rent! tak sabar nak tgk!!!!!! and i love movies that would make me smile while watching it! and since u smiled also after watching it, means that it must be good! (mcm syok sendiri hahahaha)

  5. kayla : haha, same here. i love stories, be it movies or story books that will make me smile hours after i 'khatam' it. maka kesimpulannya sila tengok movie ini ya, sebab ia adalah sangat best (sbb ada bradley cooper!)

  6. I read the book tp tak tg kthe moivie sbb couldn't understand how it would be turned into a movie hahah..

  7. dvd, d/load fr mmu torent :D

  8. ayu : that's very YOU! haha... story book dia best tak? i can't imagine how the story would be like, mesti banyak gila plot and twists hehehe...tengok lah movie tengok lah..

    amy : aku pun d/load lah gak hehe



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