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The Sea and Elmondo Pizza

I've been wanting to bring Irfan to the seaside for so long as I'd love to see his reaction upon seeing the sea and the waves. I was pretty sure it would get him all giddy and excited and tak tentu hala.

Since we don't have the time nor opportunity to bring him to the feringghi beach yet, last Sunday we decided to bring him to the Que Bee! beach on the way back from our parents' houses. It's really not much of a beach actually, as they'd tambak the land to make way for the surrounding development. But there's still some sea water yang sekangkang kera which separates this part of the land from the Jerejak Island.

Irfan was pretty much excited to be set free to roam the (not so) grassy area. There's no more white, soft sand to be found there, only grass and collections of small and huge boulders. But being a perak boy who had never seen the sea before, he ran here and there while trying to make friends with the kakaks and abangs lepaking on the grass. Or perhaps giving way for his daddy to main mata with those kakak? Naughty naughty boy!

Amazed by the roaring sound of the aeroplane

His mama was busy eating rojak by the 'seaside', thus let his abah handle the cheeky boy. :-p After I was done with the rojak and Irfan (considered) done having his fun, we headed to Elmondo Pizza to, again fill our tummy with more fooooood.

The joint is located at Krystal Suite. Though we've been passing by this place everytime we headed to town and been meaning to try out the food, we'd never really checked it out before. We didn't regret going there that evening. The pizza was soooo cheesy and soooo good that my hubby finished the whole regular size pizza on his own. Oh! tipu! I had one slice but that's it, he ate the rest of them without even stopping for a sip of water. It's that good. :-p

Pizza for abah, chicken for mama and pacifier for Irfan, hahaha

I had something called the Chicken Italian Sausage if I'm not mistaken. It was okay. The sausage was huge and the chicken was edible, but I can say that it's not their specialty. Next time if we are to dine there again, we better stick to the pizza variety or perhaps try out the chef's specialty.

I'd give this place 4 stars for their nice environment and good food, especially the pizza. So the next time you guys in Penang feel like having a good pizza, you can try out this place. It's just as good as Domino's, at least that's how both of us feel.


  1. Selalu nmpk this place whenever I go back to Sg Ara.. the price camne ek?

  2. ayu : itulah sama la saya pon. pricewise okie kot, i think almost like pizza hut, i think laaa... it's about rm50 for 2 person, depends on what you have jugak lah

  3. OH!! sounds good ... the pizza does look tempting ... nyuuuuuuum ...

  4. Aiks, Irfan tak pernah pegi beach? Bukan duduk kat Penang ka?

    But really Yah, after rojak sambung plaks ngan pizza segala? hahahaha

  5. I shall dine out there soon:)

  6. kak rina : memang sedap nyummm nyummm!!

    kak yan : nama ja dok penang tapi beach ponnn tak penah pi.

    itulah, can u believe me? dah pekena rojak bole plak sutff myself with pizza segala tsk tsk tsk. and i complaint that my weight is balooning up :-p

    puga : oh yes, do try it out ya...bring ur hubby :-D

  7. nanti farha mai penang kak yah bawak laa farha makan kat situ. tengok macam best!

  8. nyummy..,nampak cam best ja k.yah..

  9. farha : insyaAllah, provided you sanggup babysit Irfan..hehehe

    intan : sedap memang sedap. nanti kita pi makan dua orang nakkk???hehehehe



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