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The Story of the Poke Balls

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Adib who lived in KJ with his parents. Adib was really a cute kid with those small japanese eyes and cheeky behaviour. His older cousin Kak Y doted on him as he always reminded her of her own brothers back in her hometown.

Kak Y loved entertaining the little munchkin, and he in return loved hanging out with her. Whenever Kak Y spent the night at the grandma's place, Adib always wanted to sleep over at grandma's as well.

One day in the year of 2000, Kak Y got pretty much excited as Adib's birthday was nearing the corner. She wanted to get him something that he would really love to have. Since Adib loved Pokemon so much, Kak Y went to Toys R Us to find some Pokemon toys that he might love.

Kak Y was still a student at that time, and being a cheapskate that she was, she only managed to get him two very cute Poke balls. One of Pikachu and the other one she can't really remember. She really wanted to get him more of those, but since money was limited ( and she wanted to spend it on other things :-p) she decided to buy only 2.

She got it all wrapped up nicely and planned to give it to him the next time she visit grandma. The day came and Kak Y was anxious to see Adib again. She waited from morning till evening and when he finally came over to the house, oh boy! was she happy to see him!

She took his hand and brought him to the hall and finally had the chance to give him his presents. She was sooooo anxious to see his reaction when he saw the gift. But suddenly.....

BANNNNGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! Omigoddd! What was it that hit her in the middle of the forehead?????

Turned out that Adib threw the balls to her while screaming his lung out "Kenape beli due jeeeee???????Adib nak banyakkkkkkk!!!!".. Sob sob sob. Kak Y was sad and she vowed to take revenge on that cute cheeky little monster. Sweet sweet revenge.

Haaaa....siap la kau Adib, Kak Y dah pesan kat Irfan suruh balas dendam atas perbuatan mu padaku suatu masa dahulu! Muahahahaha!

* Cerita bukanlah rekaan, dan ada kena mengena dengan yang masih hidup. Ngehehehehehehe....


  1. Waahhhhhhhhh.. heheh.. nak ajaq Irfan buat apa tu? Heheh.. how old is your cousin tu now?

  2. ayu, i think he's in form 4 kot now. masa kenduri aritu la i was refreshing im of the memories and he was laughing like crazy saying "adib tak ingat punnnn, tak ingattt punnnnnn"


  3. haha,keshian kat kak Y,susah payah beli present..intan ada kan time Kak Y tgh refreshing balik kat adib..and he's totally tak ingat pasal tuh!!

    p/s : irfan,jaga mama tau lepas nih..haha!!

  4. watever revenge ideas u have hidden up your sleeves, i'm convinced that Aqil Irfan is capable of delivering. Vengeance is sweet ain't it!??!! muahahahah !!!

    (aiyoo i;m so the jahat d nowadays ... and i;m so loving it ^_^)

  5. intan : haha itulah dia buat buat tak ingat plaaakkkk...hehehe

    kak rina : yes yes i hope he can lah, he just won't listen to me nowadays..sigh.. :-p



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