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Oral cavity, please move your fat ass out of here!

Irfan has oral cavity. His gums all bleeding and swollen. On top of that, there are ulcers in the mouth. He coulnd't eat, nor drink his milk in the bottle. He only drinks water frequently in a glass, but when he's extremely hungry he'll force himself to take some milk. Kesian. Kecik2 dah kena oral cavity. I haven't had a good sleep 3 nights in a row. He's been crying and crying and at times when he couldn't take it, he'll try to rip his teeth out of the mouth. Kesian sangat. He's drooling so much that we had to make him put on the bib, much to his annoyance.

Mama nih la lazy to brush his teeth. Naughty mama! So Irfan...from now on, even if you shout and scream and throw your feet in the air, I will still insist on brushing your teeth okeh. And no more chocolates and doughnuts for you kay, at least not as much as you used to take. It's for your own good ya sayang.

Goodbye Mr. Doughnut!


  1. Irfan more coklat kay!!

  2. alaa sian nya diaa
    mama irfan! jangan bagi coklat dah ;D

  3. alahai, that sounds nasty. how do you treat oral cavity? kena jumpa dentist tak? gee, hope he's all well soon. i paling malas nak brush teeth nunu at night (teruk punya momma) but in the morning wajib kena brush. her morning breath stinks! hehe

  4. kak ct : a'ah, kalau nangis2 nak mama pakkk nanti!! (pakkk = pukul)

    farha :yes mam! :-p

    anne : i went to see physician ja kat klinik kesihatan tu, i was hoping they'd refer to dentist tapi tak puuuunnn. tengok la if tak baik gak in 2-3 days nih gonna go see his paed.

    hah, the problem with irfan is he won't let me touch his teeth, asal nak gosok ja mesti to make him love brushing teeth ek?

  5. ala ala cian irfan..,xpa lau mama xmau bagi donut mi intan bagi kay irfan..haha!!

    p/s to mama : jgn lupa gosok gg irfan tau..

  6. intan : kalau nak kena pakkk ngn mama irfan bagi lah donut kat dia :-p

    okie nak gosok gigi dia nanti, dah beli 'mukmin' toothpaste perisa orange hehe

  7. so kesian la my nephew ... i also dunno wat to do cause arees is toothless ... tat grandpa!!

    try la gosok ur teeth together with him maybe tat will get him interested!?? budak budak kan sibuk wanna follow wat adults are doing ... get well soon ya Aqil Irfan!! =)

  8. ahah! da jumpa pun ini lah dia blog ibu babywearing yg skerr mengata orang tu ye?

    hmm... mengata orang mmg senang ya tapi gigi anak sendiri malas nak gosok?? buas sungguh anak you ye? sampai sakit gigi dan gusi... babywearing boleh gosok gigi tak boleh eh?

  9. oh hi missy 'anonymous' hannah..

    wow! sanggup ya susah payah cari blog ni. i'm honoured, no kidding. Alhamdulillah bertambah lah hit blog ni..

    And i'm sure this is when my fame will start to blossom..ngehehehehe

  10. Alaahaii siannya tgk ifan sakit gigi..takut plak boboy jadi camni sbb dia dah start ada palque on his dia tak mkn donut pon..mummy dia jaa yg bantai lelebih.. :-P So irfan, klu nak share donut ngan auntie Imma meh laa sbb boboy tak makan donut rasanyaa..



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