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Ikan Talang Recipe

I'm a big fan of simple recipe. It won't take long to prepare, but delicious nevertheless. Since Irfan is still not well and clingy, I had to really be quick in preparing dinner, thus today I opted for this Rendang Asam Ikan Talang recipe that my mum love so much.

Things you need for this dish are :

Salted fish (Ikan masin) talang ~ slices
Onions ~ slices
Garlic ~ slices
Dried chilies ( I used green chilies instead as I don't have dried chilies in stock)
Tamarind paste
1/2 a cup of water
A pinch of salt and sugar (to taste)

Method :

Heat oil in the pan. Fry the salted fish until it's well cooked. Put aside. Throw in onions, garlic and dried chilis. Sautee till soft. Pour in the tamarind paste and water. Add in sugar and salt. Let it simmer. Add in the salted fish. Scoop inside the bowl and it's now ready to be served.

I serve the dish with this chicken curry, and 'sunny side up'. :-D


  1. pandainya you masak. huish, i bab masak2 lauk ni, fail!

  2. hemm..look delicious..kalu guna ikan masin lain agak2 leh tak? kat umah ni ada ikan masin gelama je..

  3. hmm sedapnya bunyinya.. nyum nyum nyum.. btw, kenapa nama dia rendang asam ikan talag eh? i tot rendangs shud have got sumthing to do with kerisik??? or santan??

  4. ikan talang tu mmg sedap masak asam :)

  5. tat's hands down the easiest dish i've seen after fried egg of course ... hehe

    can substitute fish with chicken eh??

  6. anne : cuba-cuba ja, alah setakat nak makan kami anak beranak boleh lah :-)

    kak ct : tak sure la, boleh kot. cuba lah. annti gitau sedap ke tak k :-D

    zoora :memang yummy! aku pun tak sure sbb apa nama dia camtu, perhaps silap kot coz aku main agak2 ja nama tuh. haha...but i like that name coz it sounds like a complicated dish, padahal easy peasy ja. haha

    amy : kan kan??? mesti mama hang suka masak gak kan.

    kak rina : yerp easy peasy. i started eating it during cofinement, and love it so much. but mine is not as good as my mum's of coz. :-D

    chicken eh? not sure if it'll taste good lah...kalau nak try lah :-D

  7. aah la .. betul betull . this dish suits masa confinement

  8. betoi!mama aku pn slalu masak benda ni.eee...dh terliuq dh aku ni :)



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