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Alhamdulillah...He's Almost Healed!

We just got back from my mum's tonight. The weekend was a long one, but I had the best time of my life coz I got the much needed rest that I'd been craving for ever since Irfan got sick.

Just to recap, the first time we brought Irfan to the government clinic in Bayan Baru after noticing that his gums were all red and swollen, the Medical Officer actually just took a very short glimpse at his mouth and declared it was oral cavity. I guess because we went there nearing their closing time, and so she wanted to get it done with as quickly as possible. That's the best excuse I could come up with for her, rather than downrightly accusing her of incompetencies of course.

After taking the antibiotic that was prescribed for 4 days, his condition didn't improved at all. In fact, his gums started to swell more and the bleeding got worse. He didn't eat solid, nor drink his milk. He cried all the time, perhaps due to him being hungry, aside from the pain he felt. So yesterday we decided to bring him to see his paed instead and asked him to recommend a dentist.

One look at his gum, the paed declared that it had nothing to do with teeth at all! It was purely gum infection, and he suspected that his gum must had been wounded perhaps by something that he ate, and it took a very short time for the bacterias to spread to the whole mouth. He prescribed two types of antibiotic, one syrup to reduce swelling and a tube of a local anesthetic to help ease the pain. The best part is he actually waved the consultation fee as we'd just been there the week before to check on Irfan's fever. (Oh yes cut cost baby cut cost! :-p)

Anyway, he gave a 50-50 chance that the meds might not work for him, so if it doesn't heal within 2 days he'll have to be admitted to the ward for antibiotic shot. I was praying so hard that it would heal as I can't imagine how it would be like if Irfan has to be admitted and strapped in a bed, unable to run around. He'd definitely will need to be put on sedative lest he'd cry until he pass out. :-p

Alhamdulillah, the medication really work wonder on him this time. Three times of consumption and the gums are almost back to normal. We are sooooo relief that he would not have to be admitted, and I'm sooooooooo sticking to Hope Children Specialist Hospital from now on. Good medications, and most importantly well-trained paed.

Boo-hoo to the MO of the said Klinik Kesihatan. I hope I won't have the bad luck to see you again, ever!


  1. teruk betul la the MO ... sheessh!!!
    so kesian la he that day ... i never expected it to be that bad ... even for an adult it can be excruciating... dunno how a little boy can handle such pain ...
    well i'm glad he's all better now muuacckkkssss from big mommy!!! ^_^

  2. adoi, how very unfortunate. new/young doctors should really do something abt their bedside manners kan? a little display of compassion would make a huge difference to patients.

    great to know he's all better now. sometimes food stuck in between the teeth also can make the gums swell. so take care dearie

  3. kak rina : itulah. glad it's all over now, but u know what, the manjaness and crankiness still hasn't go away. dahhh jadi habit nak manja manja plak dahhhh :-p

    anne : guess what, it was a 'matured' lady doc, bukan young docs pon. tsk tsk tsk...

    now mama's gum plak swelling. ouch! ni mesti sbb meat from oblong burger semalam stuck between my molars nih. :-(



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