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Ba ba black sheep anyone???

This is how I keep a clingy and cranky baby occupied. By making him watch videos on youtube, India mari ones!! Hahahaha

Boring la mama, something else please! :-p


  1. heheh so cute!!!
    he even waves his hands like arees ok ...
    but at least he can sit quietly and watch nursery videos unlike his little brother who doesnt like anything which has to do with babies!!! video clips semua dia suka la ... ish ish budak budak zaman la ni ... :p

  2. hahaha kak rina, sama acuan kan. :-p he was actually tring to dance, move his body a bit but i guess it was just too much for him. waving is okie coz doesn't take up so much energy ngehehehe..

    wahhh...arees nih! mesti suka tengok sexy girls video clips kan! hahaha

  3. kecik2 dah tgk youtube ye? hahaha mmg anak2 cyber betul laaa anak2 kawan2 aku nih... kite dulu zaman VCR and video TAPE! that's like very ancient now huh? lol (imagine irfan korek2 tanah then ckp kat mama dia, "mama! fossil!!" padahal terjumpa video tape or video kaset)



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