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Bag Craze

This post is inspired by a friend's write up on handbags. (Almost) every woman can go ga-ga over handbags. I know I do, and so does my mum and other ladies around me. Some would go for branded bags while others don't care as long as it looks good on their arm. Frankly, I'm not THAT brand conscious. Of course I'd love to have that Michael Kors bag I'd been eyeing for quite sometimes, but I'd go for something bought in Penang Road as well if it suits the purpose of carrying it.

Recently, I've been attached to a certain not-so-expensive brand. Everytime I went to get one handbag from this outlet, another design will catch my eyes, and I'd always keep in mind to get it for the next time I have a reason to buy. *wink*

I don't own that many handbags, and certainly not many brand-new ones. So just like my mum I would forever be complaining that I don't have handbag for this purpose and that occasion. Believe it or not, my mum has handbags for every occasions and they're still not enough for her. She has one to carry in the house - from one room to another - to store her inhaler (oh yes she's asthmathic) and all her medications plus all the other 'rubbish' she might need to use later on. One to bring to the surau. Many for kenduri, and many too for the daily outings. She's lucky because aside from her buying her own handbags, we children buy handbags for her as well, for occasions lah.

Anyway, back to ME. I realized that most of the handbags I own are of brown shades. Now I'm starting to go for white, or rather milky white ones but they're quite hard to maintain. Yes I know they should be kept in dustbag and all, but it's just too much hassle for me so I just hang them in the dusty room instead. :-p I'd love to add more colours in my bag collections, perhaps red? Or purpleeeeee???? I love love love huge bags where I can store everything in them. I rarely use the small bags from my single days anymore as they're not convenient for storing Irfan's stuff. I own only one clutch and it's white of course, but now that Irfan is all grown up (yeah right!) I'd love to own more. Or perhaps I should start collecting for future use. :-p

For style, I'd go for a shoulder bag as it's more convenient to me. The other day I saw this one huge rugged-looking bag that keep on visiting me regularly in my dreams nowadays. It's blue with white straps, and oh-so-chic! I hope Mr. Hubby will read this entry and decide to award me just for taking a good care of his son. Tadaaaa....

So what's your handbag story?


  1. mak ai!! dont own MANY bags!?!? tat's a coat hanger load of bags!!! hehe ...

  2. Ohhh my.... This lady! hahaha...

    I only have 2handbag la.. Satu black and another one brown. hehehe...

  3. macam kedai dah haaa...hehe.. :p

  4. hahaha banyak nyaaa!
    farha punya pun ada laa dalam 5 6 jea!

  5. ha?? banyak nya!!!!!!!!! i just have .. 4 and hubby said that is too much

  6. kak rina : hehehehe...lots of "rubbish" i'd say, many that is outdated d...but sayang nak buang :-D

    puga : lovely, start with the basic. after this beli white plak yer :-p

    are_shie : hehehe cam kedai ka, ni kalau jual longgok pun tak laku nih :-p

    farha :u have 5-6 ONLY? and how old are you again??? :-p

    zoora : 4 tu banyaaaakkkk laaa tuh! if i'm ur husband pun i'd demand u to stop buying already!!!

  7. anne : dah ada vote tuh, harus beli nih! hehehe



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