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An Evening in Regency

I don't know about other parents, but now that Irfan is all grown up, I find myself enjoy bringing him outdoors. It's such a joyful moment to see him running around the park happily, or jumping in the puddles of rain water and getting his pants and shirt all muddy. I used to be uptight about it, thus setting limits and lots of restrictions on him. Now I've learned to let go and so I can see him learning more things when he's around a much calmer mother. Besides, now is the time for him to develop antibody against germs and such, no?

Unfortunately for us who lives in apartment, there's no front yard for our son to run around happily, thus more often than not - now - I force my lazy self to bring him down. It can be quite tiresome at times, especially when he starts throwing tantrum if I don't allow him to do certain dangerous things, like going into the pool on his own. Yes! As small as he is, he's already showing 'determination' to swim on his own, WITHOUT the float. Tsk tsk tsk.. Stubborness inherited from who? :-p

Anyway, yesterday I brought him to the playground. After a while, he got bored playing there so he just wandered around and came upon the fish pond with water fountain in the middle. Much to my dismay, he pushed himself up the 'curb' and wanted to jump into the pond.

So to distract him from dipping his whole body in the pond, I brought him to the pool with no intention of letting him go in as he just recovered from fever. But that little boy would not be satisfied with just sitting near the pool, he wanted to be in it. Thus after much struggles and tantrums, I took off all his clothes and he practically jumped inside. Of course I had to hold his hand as we never enroll him in any swimming classes yet, so I doubt he can swim on his own. He was giggling away happily that he got to play in the water, thus I made a mental note to bring him there more often once he fully recovers.

After that, I allowed him to play for a while at the playground, but because his diaper was already almost bursting with all the water accumulated from the pool, I had to bring him up to change. Knowing that he didn't get to fully enjoy his time at the park yesterday, I'm going to bring him down again later. Let him run around as much as he wants to so that he'll sleep early tonight and let his parents spend some quality time together. Hehehe..

I know some mothers will be very irritated seeing us letting our kids going up the slides the wrong way, but I'm with the opinion that my toddler is still learning. Thus I need to let him discover the right and the wrong way of doing it on his own first, of course with some guidance from us.

P/S : Is there any special diapers to use for babies to swim in the pool? Where to get it and how much does it usually cost?


  1. sonoknya irfan dpt main kat playground. lepas bebas... Kak ct teringin sgt nk bwk ank2 gi park ke playground ke tp..azam tak minat sgt to go...huhu..

  2. kak ct ajak la jugak. kesian diorang, kat park kan macam2 ada so they can experience and explore a lot of things. kata kat azam as landscape architect, kena la promote park2 nih by utilizing it :-p

    tapi umah kak ct pun ada compund so kalau dah taknak bawak tu, main kat compound pun kira okie lah kan. hehehe

  3. akan diusahakan..nak pujuk gi Taman Metropolitan, Kepong. x delah jauh pun tp x pernah sampai...

  4. kak ct, good luck. hehe...haahh kat situ ramai orang main kites kan. mesti diorang sronok nanti! bestnya kat penang rasa takdakla tempat orang ramai main kite, kalau tak mesti Irfan suka :-D

  5. Enjoy reading ur blogs :).
    Diapers utk swimming are everywhere, kat Tesco pun ada. No idea how much it costs.

  6. Anon : hey thanks for reading. it's my pleasure to write :-)

    oh kat tesco pun ada swimming diapers ya. was thinking to look at toys r us tapi kalau tesco ada so much better lah. thanks for the info :-)

  7. Alamak..i think we've met before..3,4x times at Dr Rozita's place..we both still pregger-obviously..and in the same maternity class!!but at that time i'm still free hair..i'm soo glad i've found your blog thru zura link..-we work in the same building..nice meeting u back!!

  8. hey there! glad to c u too,and yes i remember u from dr. rozita's clinic coz i was amazed that u still managed to look pretty eventho preggie at that time. ;-)

    do keep in touch ya :-D



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