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Do I crave to be a domestic Goddess? NAHHHH!!

Last night started off beautifully by my son going off to bed early. His father followed half an hour after that while I was busy doing the cleaning up. And so, I got the whole house except for the master bedroom to myself.

It felt nice to have some quiet time to myself. To do cleaning up without the little one tugging my pants, asking to be picked up. It felt nice to really put yourself into cleaning the whole house, not just one room at a time. And it felt nice to be able to sit peacefully on the couch after that, closing your eyes and enjoying the sweet smell of Febreeze (haha) in the air, and not being interrupted by any sound like the crying baby or the husband requesting for a cup of coffee and some light supper late in the night.

Don't get me wrong. I love my family to the bits. It's just that once in a while I'd love to have that quiet time to contemplate. To think of myself, my past and what the future is going to bring.

Anyway, to top it off I also got uninterrupted sleep last night. Irfan has got fever since Sunday. It started off as a high fever - 39C and the paed put the med through his bon bon. So we thought it was gonna subside but he's still not well until today, though the temperature has gone down considerably. So last night we fed him with his 1001 medicines, you know, the complete package of fever, flu, coughing and phlegm plus antibiotics. I guess the meds really put him into deep sleep as he didn't even once wake up for his milk session. I was truly blessed. :-p

So this morning I woke up extra early and cooked for him, putting on one of my best dress and some basic makeup to hide my flaws. I made breakfast for us and then it was time to feed him his meds again. It used to be easy, feeding him his meds, but now he hates it sooo much that we had to really pin him to the ground in order to feed him. Imagine 4 bottles of meds and he was screaming the house down while kicking everyone and everything within his kicking range. It wasn't a pretty sight I tell you. And when we were done with all four meds, I was about to pat his back (for being a good boy and take his medicine??nahh!) when he suddenly puked all over my pretty dress! Oh, that really killed the joyfull mood I was having since last night. So I got cranky and hubby got cranky back in return. Sigh..

And then, to add salt to the wound, some girls on motorbike hit our car on our way to mak's place. They were two young ladies who looked like they are still in high school. What were you girls doing on the bikes anyway, that you don't see a car making a turn at the traffic light? Sheeshhhh. They really ticks me off, they do. The bikers. And this just strengthen my intention to forbid my son from riding a motorbike! Ever ok, ever!

P/S : I claim to have a good night sleep last night, so how come I'm still drowsy in the morning? I guess being me, no matter how much sleep I get it'll never be enough. :-p


  1. Goosh... Ur car got scratch or not? Btw what car u driving ya??

  2. not sure, will hafta cehck will hubby later hehehe. ermmm old car lah puga, besi buruk. not like yours. malu wanna tell :-p haha

  3. U guys tak claim dengan budak budak tue ke? Rugi ler....

  4. puga, i think no scratch kot coz my hubby never made any noise. if not, he'd surely meletup! i hope that teach them a lesson to be careful next time.

  5. next time just ride over them la .. will teach other bikers a lesson as well!!! mukakaka!!!

    Aqil get well soon ... wanna talk kot ... can talk to big mommy ... the never ending chatter box ^_^

  6. Heheh.. tu dlm ade anak, sempat gak tu. Me living alone pun malas. Now dah masuk 2 days REALLY spring cleaning :D Arini stop jap kot but on Labours Day nak buat bersungguh² hahah.. then Sunday paln to make something, new recipe :p

  7. kak rina : itu lah. my hubby is very berhemah, if it was me dah langgaq dah. hahaha

    irfan says : okie okie aunty, so later if i talk too much u promised u will entertain me no matter what eh? :-p

    ayu : kalau awak tengok keadaan rumah saya semalam, saya rasa awak akan tolong kemaskan. haha, bersepah yang teramat sangat k! besides takut anybody pop in without warning, malu la. wahhh rajin nak spring clean. abeh ur hse my house plak kot? :-p new recipe eh? sila hantaq ke sg. ara ya hehe

  8. hihi, i know the feeling. when the 'angin rajin' comes once in a while, terasa sungguh domestic goddess! pukul 3 pagi pun sanggup.

    eh budak2 skarang mmg takde adab langsung kan? over here, even budak2 kecik memain tepi jalan pun kurang ajar suka tepuk2 my car when i lalu beside them (dlm hati punya la risau jgn tergelek anak orang). ni girls naik motor, hish tak manis langsung. malu i dengar

  9. anne : kan kan, terasa la domestic goddess untuk seketika. hehehe

    ha'ah memang sangat. tah la bebudak nih. patut kena masuk kelas adab nih, takkan skrang tak ajaq bab adab kat skolah kot. hopefully our kids won't turn out to be like that lah. amin!



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