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Happy Anniversary Baby *mwahs*mwahs*

I have ordered a little something for hubby to be sent at the office this morning. A special delivery. I tried to persuade him to go to the office extra early this morning without sounding too suspicious. He was like, what for? Why do you want to chase me out of the house? Sigh... Can't you just cooperate without asking lots of question?

Anyway, the delivery guy called him just when he was getting ready to go out, telling him that he was already nearby and "Pn. Baizurah suruh saya bagi something untuk En. Amin". He was just looking at me all the while he was on the phone, and hugged his smelly wife and said "Thank you so much, happy anniversary dear" after that. Haish! There goes my surprise.

I put the camera in his laptop bag earlier, let's just hope he'll snap a pic of it so I could upload the pic of that little something later.

Oh! Why am I the only one doing all this romantic thingy? I want my surprise too!!!!!!


The white choc cuppies I ordered for him. He's bringing two pieces back and we're gonna have it together with lunch later. Yippie!

Thanks Kak Wan for the cute cuppies!

Updated :

I cooked a very simple anniversary lunch today, as it was an impromptu decision from hubby's side to come back for lunch. I couldn't make anyhing fancy as the little kenit guy won't allow me to do anything at all. He was hugging me and crying all the time while I cooked, so I had to stop and put him to sleep before I continue with it. Alhamdulillah, hubby was able to make it back home just in time, and the dish turned out to be delicious. Hey! Hubby said so ok, not me. :-p

I hope this weekend we'll get to have a proper celebration when we ship him off to his grandparents. Sorry ya sayang, mama and abah need our "alone" time once in a while. :-p


  1. Happy Anniversary Pn Baizurah!!!

    Hope u get ur SURPRISE!!! ^_^

  2. thank u kak rina. yes, i hope so too. but otherwise, 'the' handbag will do just as nice. hehehe

  3. baizurah mmg romantic :)

  4. Wow yummy cup cakes!!

    Happy anniversary

  5. sweetnya kak yaaaah! ohh cupcakes tu comel gila! :D

  6. such a romantic gesture! tak sangka bubu ku ini berjiwa romantis.. heheheh... eh, u said u all ate 2. so what happened to the other 14 cuppies?

  7. hepi anniversary bai & amin!!
    soo sweet... ;)

  8. amy : adakah itu satu pujian atau camdekan? hehehe

    puga : yes it's very yummy indeed. never thot i'd love white choc.. :-D

    farha : kan kan comel kan comel kan??kak yah suka sbb figurine lady tu pakai tudung..hahaha

    kayla : haaa aku memang berjiwa romantis jangan tak tau :-p. eh he brought back one only and we shared that one piece. the other 15 he gave one each to his team members at the office. hehe..pemurah kan laki i haha

    kak ct : thanks! yang ni ja mampu buat, sbb tak pandai nak buat kek sendiri macam kak ct :-D

  9. then who whacked the figurines!?!?

    so cute la ... nice nice !!! =)))

  10. kak rina, the figurines are still in the box, all body parts dismantled d. haha, will keep it in the fridge until berulat ekekekeke

  11. Waaahhhhh.. chumel! I told you kan kak Wan asked about you hehe..

  12. Lupe lak.. gune pinggan baru beli nmpk :p

  13. Salam Baizurah, ada blog rupanya, ni kakwan mai dari link yg baizurah tinggal kat cbox hehe.. TQVM order dgn kakwan , so glad Baizurah suka! Thanks again :)

    p/s- hi ayu!

  14. Happy anniversary bai & amin!!!!!

    pst: ayu....wati pun perasan guna pinggan br imported from langkawi..kekekekekeke

  15. ayu : kan kan cute kan? a'ah u told me bout kak wan asking bout me. hehe

    kak wan : hehehe yaaa saya ada blog. rajin2 la visit ya. hehe. thanks for the cute cuppies agan, and hope kak wan tak kisah saya ambk gambaq tu dar blog kak wan ya. :-D

    watie : thanks so much dear

    and watie and ayu, of coz la that's the purpose tunjuk gambaq lunch yang tak seberapa tu..nak show off pinggan mangkuk baruuuu laa ekekekeke

  16. Alamak! Kak Wan heheh..

    Hahah.. sudah ku agak kan Watie kaaaannnn :p



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