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One year and one month


- Running around clumsily. He won't let us hold his hand when walking outside. Yesterday, he fell down hard on a paved road a couple of times, thank God for the long pants that protect his knees from bleeding. Surprisingly he didn't cry. Got up and started running again. Anak mama is soooo macho! *flared nostril can be spotted here*

- With extensive training, he can be mom's little helper (insyaAllah) :
Scene 1: "Irfan, go take the remote for mama" I said, while pointing to the TV remote. He looked to his left and right and left again but still couldn't spot the thing. Then he shot me an inquiring look . It was right behind him. I pointed again and again until he spotted it. He then took it and bring it to me, and clapped his hand joyfully for the accomplishment.

- Loves to play with older kids, and will grab babies younger than him. I guess he really wants to make friends, only he doesn't know how to yet.

- Scene 2: "Irfan, show me your nose" and he'll wiggle his nose like a rabbit. "Show me you eyes" and you can see him blinking his eyes rapidly.

- Will salam and kiss our hands when asked, provided he's not in one of his foul mood.

- Still loves dancing and grooving to the music.

- Suka main police and thief (Irfan's version) with his mama :

Haaa taktau! Irfan nak tangggkap mama!!
(Mama will squeak like a mice, pretending to be scared)

-I still love seeing him cry, so everyday Irfan will still get scolded (olok-olok) by his mama. And he'll cry like this :
"Eeeeeekkkkk...eeeekkkkkkk!!" Hahaha how cute!

- Still putting things in his mouth, I wonder at what age do they outgrow this?

- Loves eating adult food more than his own food now, and refuse to take food with bland taste. So most of the time I hafta add cheese to all his food, even the porridge. What's the appropriate age for us to start adding a pinch of salt to their food?

- He now don't enjoy bath time as much as he used to. Due to laziness on my part, I don't put him in the tub anymore, instead I just put him under the shower. He'll of course cry like nobody's business everytime he's bathed, and will get his mama (or maktok when she bathe him) wet as well. Perhaps, we should revert back to the tub, it's more fun that way?

- Eventhough he enjoys walking and running around now, he still gets clingy at times. Will hug our legs and won't let us go anywhere until we pick him up.

- He has this problem, eversince he was a little baby. Sometimes when he cries, he'll slop?(I don't know the correct spelling or even common word for this). You know the situation when they cry until the voice won't come out, and they kind of stopped breathing (or so it seems). The other day while both hubby and I were sorting out our clothes in one of the big basket, the lil munchkin tripped on the baju and fell down, his back hit the basket. It must have been painful and he cried and slopped until his lips turned blue! And he was flailing and thrashing his feet at the moment, with no sound coming out of him all the while, like he was struggling to breathe you know. That got us panic, and I cried for his father to do something about it! He shook Irfan hard and blow his face a couple of times before the boy took his breath again. I, on the other hand, took a long while before I could stand up on my feet again after that incident.

It's just too scary. I asked the nurse at the gov clinic on what to do if that happens, but she said nothing could be done. The kid control the breathing himself, so it's really up to them. And she said I had nothing to worry about. Hah! What a lame answer. I must remember to get other professional advice regarding this.

Oh ya! Besides English and Malay, this boy can already understand basic Tamil too. Perhaps his grandma had been teaching him that languange extensively when we sent him there sometimes. Haish, remember, no speaking Tamil with mama ya because I WON'T UNDERSTAND A WORD U SAY. :-p

*Above pic* In an attempt to make the dream comes true, we bought him this capal (sandal) from the Sg. Ara nightmarket. Super duper cuteness! And the best part is, it's R.E.D!

Sapa kata kasut buatan Sg. Ara tak bagus? *grin*


  1. he's all grown up la ... and love those capals ...

    btw about the crying part ... have u tried diverting his attention to something else ... probably drop something like a periuk ... the noise should stop him from crying ... hopefully ... good luck on that k =)))

    note to Aqil : next time can play catch with aunty Rina also ... aunty can squeeeeek also ... hehehe

  2. Irfan sudah jadi hearttbreaker la... mcm my menantu hahahaha

  3. Kak Rina : ya they grow up too fast kan. and yes, the capal is so cute kan. but u should see the smaller size,lagiiii la cute!!! they have it in navy blue. i wanted to buy and keep for 2nd baby but amin gave me a stern look already. hahaha...

    hmmm, actually the slop thingy tu, it happened within seconds from the time he starts crying. so i guess memang no time to distract or anything because it's not that he cries for a long time then only turned blue. usually after 10 seconds he started his wailing he straight away went into the voiceless cry, but last couple of days was the first time i saw his lips turned blue, i mean like really blue! that gave me a fright alright. Amin said he's seen it a few times but didn't want to worry me. :-(

    note to Aunty Rina : aunty needs to squeeeeeek like a mice okeh, and jump-jump here and there. but after a while aunty hafta let me catch u tau, if not i'll get bored and go play with my toys.:-p

    Abang A'a : oh please his mama hopes not! nanti pening kepala nak fend off the girrrrrls. haha, aik..ur menantu(s) heartbreaker ka?sepadan la ngn ur daughters then. ekekeke..

  4. boleh tahan capal sg ara! got style lah! ;)
    btw, u've been tagged!!

  5. ayu : My point exactly! :-p Ada lagi penduduk Sg. Ara yang nak sokong saya tak? haha

    mye : yes! they got style indeed! haha...oh okie. will check out the tag soon :-D

  6. lorr.. dah besar dah.. cutenya irfan nangis! weh.. apasal aku tak tau sliper buatan sg ara nih??? kat mana weh?? meh la aku nak beli satu kat zahraa

  7. zoora : hehe cute kan. pasal tu slalu kena marah by the mama. haaa...kat pasar malam sg. ara lah. yang newborn nya lagiiii cute!hehehe pi la beli utk zahra nanti ble pakai sama2 haha

  8. OMG!! cute nye capal tu!!! huhh baby shoes are so gebu and tiny!! eeiii geram! *muahahahahah*

  9. kayla : itulah kan, tiny tiny tots! and at a very cheap price pulak tu, i would've bought 10 pasang if amin didn't stop me. hahaha

  10. bai.. ko buat cabinet ni order ngan contractor mana? how much? ok tak kerje diorang??

  11. zoora : aku buat wardrobe ja. kitchen blum buat lagi. nanti i give u the details of the contractor. workmanship quite good, price very reasonable. tapi kan, lambat skit nak tunggu coz depa ada banyak jobs. kena slalu call them.

  12. baizurah...aku tgk entry ni blk :) and my.....macaaammmmmm khaled skrg :)



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