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Finally, it's done!

Friday 17th April 2009 - Work in progress. Two workers were sent to fix the wardrobe for us.

Saturday 18th April 2009 - Two hours work of repainting a lil bit here and there, and fixing some missing stuff. And's completed! It's not so big, but it fits into our room nicely. Besides, we still have other cupboard to put our clothes that can't fit in here. Sila bersyukur ya Pn Baizurah. (Please be thankful for what you have Ms. Baizurah) :-D

Ini gambar baju2 yang belum disusun ya. (These clothes weren't yet organized/arranged neatly). And we still have three big baskets full of clothes that haven't been sorted, and one gigantic bag to give away. Sigh...


  1. finally!! happiness isnt it!?!? best nyer it's all done ... yeay!!! =)))

  2. kak rina : heheh yes. the ship ain't sinking nemore..hahahaha

  3. bai!!! jumpa your link kat blog ito!! kenal ito ke???? bila nak jumpa? meh la dtg rumah?? play date :D

  4. zoora : hehehe ya ya kenal ito, online buddy. she helped me bought the sling pouch last time. *huge grin* zoora, a'ah kan ble playdate, tapi anak aku SANGAT ganas okeh. nanti dia grab rambut zahra aku yang pengsan. hahaha

  5. Hi Bai, dr pemandangan pic nih, kelihatan baju Amin yg banyak memonopoli ruangan yg ada..hehehe.

  6. Illis : awak sangat betul!! you're sooo right, i was just complaining to my mum the other day that his clothes ja dah penuh satu wardrobe, baju saya ciput ja. but he countered it by saying that (the price of) one baju of mine can buy 4-5 of his. yala tu, saja dia nak sedapkan hati sendiri. Grrrrr!

  7. wah..wardrobe baru...
    umah ni pun cat baru...ada birds lg...

  8. kak ct : haha itu la, yang background before this depressing lah, hitam. bukan birrrrds la kak ct, chicks! :-p

    (tetiba teringat faizah dulu suka cakap masa presentation "the sounds of birrrrrds chirrrping hahaha)



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