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A Red Pair of Shoes

I had a nice dream last night. I dreamt that we went to this mall - myself, mak, Irfan and my siblings - and Irfan didn't wear his shoes. Mak was holding him at that time, but he was struggling to get down.

Then out of the blue, mak said that we must buy him a pair of shoes so he could walk freely at the mall, and so she did. It was a Clark shoes, and RED in color! I was dancing happily(yes!in that dream I could dance, somehow) and singing in that singsong voice of mine "Irfan got a newww shoesss! Irfan got a newwww shoesss!" when suddenly the alarm clock sounded, jolted me back to reality.

I woke up and thought loudly to myself "Alaaa...So no new shoes for Irfan lah???" and a huge sigh followed.


P/s: Sesiapa yang pandai tafsir mimpi, silalah tafsirkan mimpi diatas.


Irfan hasn't get a new pair of shoes, but his mama just did! I guess that was the petanda from the dream after all :-p

But Irfan did get a new green shirt for the upcoming kenduri-kendara, that's good enough isn't it?



  1. Sebenaqnya Irfan dok hembuih² kat mak pak dia nak kasut baru heheheh..

  2. haaa Ayu, that could be a very true incident kan. hmmm, kecik2 dah pandai tau budak ni!

  3. red sneakers for irfan! get the ones yg mcm citer tikus tu apa nama ek, yg that little mouse (or rat) pakai kasut merah tu.

  4. salam dear...

    why i can't reply ur emel eh?

    btw, im sharing the TIPS in Mommy cash.. hehe. soon to be released ;)

  5. kayla: cita tikus apa eh? stuart little eh? or ratatouie? camna tah eja aku pun taktau. ooo i know u'd get excited when it comes to red shoes!! hahaha

    mommylyna : yaka takleh reply. maybe i put teh wrong email add kot? btw, what's mommy cash? bila nak launch nih. tak sabarrr nak tau!

  6. dah agak dah. mesti mommynye yg dapat kasut baru! not ruby red ala dorothy if wizard of oz, eh?

  7. bai..
    ada award utk bai..kalu sudi amik la ye... :)

  8. thanks kak ct. will do it as soon as i could. :-D

  9. aku pun nak bagi award gakkkk... heheh yup, stuart little! yeah, sure do love red shoes, although aku ada satu je pun, tu pun nak ke-choh hahah



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