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Of Moo and Shoes Affair

Oh! I'm so in love with Jason Mraz at the moment. He's just so adorable, and he's got voice like an angel. I especially love this song, and I heart you Jason Mraz, I do!

"I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait I'm sure
There's no need to complicate
Our time is short
This is our fate, I'm yours"

Btw, today is beronggeng day. I haven't seen my buddy Ayu for quite sometime. Had a nice time with her at QB. Though she had a hard time waking up from her beauty sleep that afternoon (ooopss! Ayu pecah rahsia), I'm sure she was thankful that I dragged her out on that beautiful day. Hahaha

We had a nice and fulfilling belated birthday lunch (Ayu's b'day) at Paddington, and then we just roamed around aimlessly. Roamed around? Yeah right. I wanted to replenish my make up stock and so we went to Jusco to browse around. I finally got my new stocks of mascara, eyeliners and eyeshadows, which I've run out of. Bole lah ber makeup sakan for the kenduri(s) later. :-p

And then we went to Memory Lane to get some cards and Ayu who's having a 'love affair' with all the moo(s) in the world, bought a cute moo pillow. She then told me that she wants to go to the comic shop at the top level, and apparently she's trying to re-collect the comics series like the Dragon Quest (and others I can't remember) that she collected during her school days. I'm not gonna write more about it, but to all the comics lover out there, you can read her story here. :-p

Before we went back, I breezily asked Ayu about the location of Al-Ikhsan store and she said it's just near the comic store. We passed by it and at first I resisted the temptation to go in, but having a buddy who's mutually into shopping and love to spend money (haha) I finally caved in to the temptation. With the intention to just browse around.

I was wrong of course. Once we arrived at the shoes section, I was actually asking myself, who can ever resist grabbing at least one of these cute little creations?? I got hooked up on certain shoes for Irfan, and after much debate with my innerself (cewah!) in the end I got him a rider sandal. I told myself that he really needs it as he only has a few pair of shoes but not sandal. Yes, I was convinced that he needed it, thus I bought that cute little green pair for him. I was a little crushed that they don't have it in red, but green will do just fine with most of his outfits I guess.

Anyway, the whole point of this post is to actually point out that the purchase made me realize, that while ayu is having an affair with her moo, I'm currently having an affair with cute little kiddie shoesSs. That's what I see now wherever I go. Shoes shoes and shoes. Lucky Irfan to have a mother like me *lol*


  1. yes very lucky indeed =P

    mana pic of the shoes?!?!

  2. hehe nanti la i take the pic eh :-D it's a sandal btw. hehe

    yes lucky irfan and poor amin. hahaha

  3. Aik.. suda kantoi ek sape beli :p

  4. ..and yes, we should've taken a pic hahah lupe lakk kan

  5. ayu : ha'ah dah kantoiiii ngn amin. he knew i was lying when i said u bought it. i asked him how he knows, he said "you're my wife, i know you THAT well". haha

  6. Hahaha.. Amin terre :p

    Btw, kak Wan tanya, do I know you heheh :p

  7. owh, we just bought a rider sandal for sarah too! Dia suka sgt sampai nak pakai masa g skolah n resist to to take off the shoes bila nak masuk rumah. I must say the sandal sgt comfy (&cantekk!) ngalahkan crocs dia!

  8. Ayu : itulah kawan, he knows me that well. susah nak main tipu-tipu. oh kak wan tanya eh! can't wait for the "surprise", i hope she'll do it beautifully! :-D

    Mye: a'ah kannn, memang sangat comfyyy!and yang bestnya, muraaahhh! and it seems like ramai je budak dok pakai sandal tu, neighbour mak aku nya toddler pun pakai gak. hehe what colour is sarah's?



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