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Dealing with People You Can't Stand

I'm currently reading this. Borrowed it from my aunt, she actually laughed when I showed her the book that I wanted to borrow. And she said even after reading it, she still had one person she just can't stand seeing in front of her. Haha..

Let's just hope I have the time to finish it.


  1. I hope you will have the time to finish it.


    *ehem* Saya datang dr blog anasfadilah@!~

  2. Jiji : hai, thanks for visiting my blog. will visit urs in return, soon. :-D yeah i hope i have the time to finish it. *grin*

    Farha : memang pon, menarik sangat. perangai all those people we can't stand are explained in this book tau. ;-)

  3. Yah.. I bought the same book a couple of years back.. Tak habis2 lagi sampai la ni.. ntah kat mana dah the book...

  4. Yong, it's your book la kot. I got it from makchak's house. hahaha

  5. La.. ya ka?? Probably la tu .. How on earth did it end up in Penang plak??? Musykil..musykil.. because knowing my siblings, yg mungkin nak baca this book would be Meor la kot.. yg lain i don't think so...mmmmmm...

  6. Ayu : kena tanya empunya diri dulu hehe

    Yong : adala tu yong bok balik kot. hehehe i found it in yone's current room :-p



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