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19 March 2009 -

This time around, last year, hubby was given the best birthday present a man could ask for : A SON. I didn't even remembered to wish him at that time as I was engrossed in trying out everything I could to make the pain (contraction) go away.

Thus, I've already set in mind some time ago that I want to make this year's birthday the best for both father and son as this is the first time for them celebrating it together. Keeping in mind that Irfan is barely a toddler and he hates crowd at his current age, I decided to keep it within our close family though.

Okie..planning the party was harder than I thought it would be.

I decided against a home-party as I know it'll be harder to plan a surprise for hubby if done at home. As I was adamant to make it a surprise, fast food joint seemed like an ideal place to held the celebration. However, most of my earlier choices of place such as KFC and McD has fallen into the boycott category. There's one A&W outlet in Penang (yes, only one outlet in whole island, sucks ain't it?!), and I had the intention to do it there. But when I called, they were not able to block some space in their tiny outlet for us to do the party, as they'll be packed to the brim every weekend. I was crushed, I had less than one month before their birthday. Where else could I throw the party in such a short time? I was complaining to mak, and one day she suddenly suggested an ideal place for the party.

I was dumbfounded with the idea, why didn't I think of it earlier! I immediately called up the management of the said place and told them of my plan. The lady I talked to was helpful, she put up with me without complaining. I changed the menu zillions of time, requested this and that, changed plan again and again. But she entertained me nevertheless. They set up the place beautifully, and synchronize the flow of the event so very smoothly. Food was overflowing and abundant. The best part is, the price is very much affordable!

I was just thankful then that I made the right choice with Berjaya Georgetown.

What's a party without a mouth-watering cake. As I wanted something different this time around - I got kinda bored with secret recipe - I ordered the cake from Kak Ana in Seberang. It was supposed to have 2 figurines on top, one represents abah and one Irfan. But she only told me once I went to take the cake that there was not enough space to make 2 figurines, so "Irfan" was only represented alphabetically. A perfectionist when it comes to these things, I was a bit disappointed, but let it go as I didn't want it to spoil the festive mood. The cake was very cute nevertheless, and finger licking gooood! It was a choc moist cake with choc ganache for icing. Thanks Kak Ana for the scrumptious piece of work!

As my bro Awis couldn't make it to the party, I was worried that there'll be no memories captured on this jolly day. Thus I booked my wedding photographer to shoot the event, and he gave me very good price for the shooting. Thanks a lot Azizan from Romantis Studio, I can tell you, it's money worth spent.

Oh, how did I brought hubby to the "crime scene" eh? Haha..I told him that WE, just the three of us were going to have a special hi-tea at Berjaya. It's like my special treat for him, as we don't usually dine in such places. Surprisingly, he didn't ask a lot of question like he usually does. I was quite sceptical, but less question is better. So no complaint there.

Fast forward to the celebration after picking up the cake we drove straight to the venue. I dropped the cake after asking hubby to wait for me at the mall beside the hotel. Come 2 o'clock, we were already inside the building, but everyone else were LAAAATEEEE! I had a hard time stalling the birthday boy, telling him that they haven't finish setting up the place for us and other lame excuses. He looked kinda bored, but for once he was good and didn't complain at all. :-D

Half an hour later, most of the invited guests arrived and took their position upstairs. Cik Hazrina, who managed to convince me not to start the party without at least half of the invited guests (I wanted to start it with just the 3 of us as I was kinda frustrated when no one arrived after 15 minutes), cue to her people to start the birthday song immediately after we stepped out of the lift. A SURPRIIIISSSEEE!! shout from the family made hubby grinned to the ears.

MC for the day is my cousin Meor, and my father recited the doa. Upon cue, the staff brought the cake to the front for cake cutting. There was also a complimentary cake aside from the cake I bought, but it was a cherry fruit cake which I'm not quite fond of. But I was thankful nevertheless.

All in all, the party was a succes. Good food, good company, good memories taken. [Except for sponsoring the paint job for his car] What else could a husband ask for, for his birthday right? :-p

I know this memory of the happy happy celebration will keep us content for a long long time. :-D



  1. thanks darling...indeed i was amazed that u managed to pull this out without me being suspicious...:P..i love you

  2. cet..PDA. malu ja :-p ..i know i know, i was good kan. hehe

  3. Yah,
    Happy Belated Birthday to Amin and Irfan. That last pix of you three is simply priceless...

  4. Kak yan,
    Thanks on behalf of the boys. Kan, memang berbaloi ambik the photographer.Good memories captured. :-)

  5. Seriously the photos are AWESOME!! Simply beautiful.

    I guess it's not too late to wish ur hubby n son "Happy Belated Birthday"

  6. Puga..thanks. Yeah it's not too late. I'll convey the wish to them :-D

  7. kak ct,

    mama dia lagi bertuah sebab both her boys lahir sama date. :-D

    irfan kak ct camana? sihat? ;-)

  8. EEE.. jelesnya!! You are truly blessed with a beautiful family. Happy Belated Birthday to Amin and Irfan.

  9. yong,

    thanks. :-D you are blessed too. kalau ada yong abang nasir, haikal emi on that day lagi la best dan meriah. next year perhaps, kalau ada orang nak sponsor. hehehehe

  10. comelnya irfaaaaaaan
    cantik laa gambar semua
    sapa photographer?

  11. Happy birthday Amin and Irfan. Semoga Allah memanjangkan umur, murah rezeki dan berjaya dalam hidup.

  12. Farha : a'ah kan comei kan..anak sapa tak tau. ekekeke..aha my wedding photog la. :-p

    Malaysian history blog : wow!!i'm speechless. did we just made history??haha..thanks for visiting. and both of my boys say their thanks for the wish and prayers.



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