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Irfan and Toys

Right after his birthday, Irfan went from being toy-less to toy-ful. Hahaha. Before this, I only bought few toys (medium box-full) for him as he didn't seem interested to play with them. Now that he's a toddler, he's showing more interest in them, especially toys with sounds and movements.

He loves observing others showing him how to operate the toys, and now he's playing with them the way he's suppose to, instead of just putting it in the mouth, throwing it in the air or banging it on the floor like he used to.

The not so-great thing for me is that, last time when we got him any new toys, I'd be the one excitedly tearing open the wrappings and test it out. But now I have another pair of hands competing with me. He'll crawl over me and; pinch, punch and push me away just to get his hands on them. Hah! But usually mama la menang kan, and hubby will just shake his head in disbelief looking at mother and son fighting over toys. Hahahaha..

So far, the birthday toys Irfan got are from:

1) Maktok : Piano and shape sorter
2) The twins uncle : Toy Handphone
3) In-laws : Penguin that can walk up the stairs and go through slide (yang macam zaman kanak2 mama and abah dolu2)
4) Mamu Pah : Race car
5) Big mommy and daddy and arees : Trucks
6) Ibu and family : Ball Pit (Thomas)
7) Tokchak and Family: Walker from Fisher Price but different from the one I got him last time
8) Aunty Nai, Uncle Alfian and Ariez : Thomas & Friends toys

So far, he loveeeeesss all the toys. But the walker is his current favourite as he received it only a couple of days back. Still in awe with that thing I guess. He'll push it back and forth, going forward and hit the wall, and reverse and hit the wall again. And he'll repeat it again and again until he conked out. At times, he looked like he was busy mowing the lawn, dengan jalan terkedek-kedek..hahaha...sangat cute!

The present from Aunty Nai just arrived last night all the way from Houston. Aside from the toy, Irfan also got a set of pants and T-shirt; and an orange Ralph Lauren shirt. Yeay! Now he has a shirt to wear to his uncle's wedding next month. Thanks kakak for the stuff, they're soooo cute! And he loves the Thomas toys, but didn't get to play with it much sebab kena berebut ngn mama dia. Hua hua hua.. And yes, amin looooves the tie too, excellent choice of color. :-D

OH! Now Irfan's old toys, especially the rattles are left unattended. Poor thing. Guess I can start packing it up and keep it for his younger sister. :-p


  1. Amboi mak dia punnnnn

    Waaaaahh, the penguin thingey! Ingt sgt.. wanted to have one when I was smaller tp tak kesampaian huhu..

  2. laaaa ayu...awat tak dapat. cian awak, nanti la ur birthday i buy for u k. :-p that penguin thing kan, amin yang sibuk main. kesian irfan dapat mak bapak yang perakkk! hahaha

  3. only ur son got present is it?? ur hubby tak dapat ke??? hahahah

  4. my hubby tak dapat la...kesian dia. muahaha..oh wait! he got la a tie from my sis. :-p



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