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Sneak Peak

Simple and sweet. With that in mind, I set up to do it. And just like what I had in mind, it turned out to be simple..and sweet. Don't you think?

Mr. Hubby is not exceptionally fond of the four flowers at the top corners. But I think it's unique. Oh, he said maybe ribbons will make it look nicer, but too much frills is really not my thing.

What do you guys think?
P/S : I'm not sure the white colour will be well-received or not as they are more fond on BRIGHT : i mean like realllly bright colours. Oh well. Let's just see okie.


  1. Sweet? Yes!

    Simple? Don't think sooo :p

    But I'm sure they'd like it

  2. pwettyy also ... i like the lace... huhuhu .... the flowers are ok ... and yes not simple la ... quite extravagantO ... heheh ... would love to see it !!! when u bringing???

  3. Ayu : a'ah kan sweet kan sweet kan? muahahaha..*masuk bakul takdak orang nak angkat, so terpaksa lah angkat sendiri* :-p

    Kak Rina : i like the lace too. but what i like most is the FLUTTERBY (butterfly)!! Flutterby and I always go hand in hand *wink*wink*

    Will bring it soon, maybe bawak 2 first for "review" then later baru bring the rest :-D



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