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It's been almost two months. 2 LONG MONTHS! and that @%@$^#&^ has not come to do any renovation works at all to our kitchen.

This is the downside of taking a family member as your contractor. Because you cannot *swear and curse* them to keep them going.

Trust me, I've dealt with contractors many many times in my line of work before. I've scolded them, got angry with them, tell them off in a very abrupt manner. In meetings, and I did it in front of everyone. (Yes, I was that fierce, and that brave! Haha!) Even though I reprimanded them many times, I've always known that they'll still find excuses for not keeping their progress at par (as planned). And they definitely will try to add this and that to the design (during construction) just to squeeze extra money out of you.

Contractors sangat jahat! Contractors are con-men and I hate them! (Sorry Abang Nasir, abang Nasir baik tapi dok kena tipu la plak)

Anyway, I wasn't that keen to take this uncle (hubby's uncle) as our contractor in the first place. Before we decided on him, we had my [good] friend over to take measurement and design the kitchen and wardrobe for us. He came alright. But after that, he went quite for a long, long time. In fact, until now. Been asking him a few times but we got fed up and so moved on to another contractor (I don't know what's going on with you friend, tapi it kinda irkes me that you promised but did not deliver).

This contractor pulak - the uncle - he had renovated my MIL's new house some time ago. His work...okie-okie lah, I've seen better. But he lurrrrrrrrves bragging about his works to everyone, macam exquisite sangat lah his work tu. Because he's FIL's cousin, we had to take him to do it for us. And of course every week for the past 1 month plus he had been promising us that he'd come 'next week' but until now, I don't even see his shadow anywhere near our house. @%#@&$!!!

We sooo love this kitchen design from the contractor that's gonna do our wardrobe. We're thinking of doing (only) the cabinet with them, and leave the rest (tabletop, hacking of the walls and such) for the uncle. But I'm quite sure he would not agree and hubby will be hypnotized and follow whatever he say later (it happened once, I'm sure it'll happen again)

Anyway, for those in Penang I strongly would not recommend you to take the uncle as your contractor as he doesn't keep to his promise AT ALL. If you need more details on him just to make sure you won't take the same person, just drop me a comment and I'll email you in return.

I'm signing off - to cool myself down as I'm still trembling with anger at the thought of him.


  1. aiyaaaa ... i would be irritated and furious as well la ... hope u find a more decent and trusted contractor k ... i hope i dont get traumatized when it;s my turn ... hmmmm

  2. haish..u know the bad news is we still gonna take him lah kak rina. i nagged and nagged and nagged but amin just kept quiet. i guess he's torn in between, tho he does look quite offended with him as well.




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