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The 'No.6' tagging game

I haven't been doing this taging things for ages. I know Ayu has given up on tagging me coz I never answered any of it. :-D Anyway, this morning I was just browsing thru Watie's blog and saw this post where my name is among the ones who's been tagged.

Well, this thing looks simple enough and since I haven't been cooperating for such such such long time, why not give it a shot kan.

The challenge is :

-GO to your photos folder in your computer
-GO to the 6th Folder of your photos
-GO to the 6th photos in that folder
-Put the picture on your blog & description of it.
-Invite 6 friends to join the challenge
-Link them in your blog & let them know they have been challenged.

"Mak and I brought Irfan for an evening walk around our apartment. We were both trying to make him look into the camera and give us his best smile but he refused to co-operate. Thus giving up, mak made her sulky face and Irfan dok ushar maktok yang merajuk with him. Haha! Padan muka Irfan. :-p"

And now, I'm all excited to tag you :

- AYU!!

- PapaKeechee

- Kak CT

- Ito (my online buddy)

- Abang A'a

- Cha


  1. Alamak Yah, this is so damn difficult for me la... but am giving it a try nanti.

  2. haha..kak ct pun jenis suka perap tag lelama..kekadang terlupa terus. yg ni agak senang..nnt di usahakan.

  3. Aikk.. hahah.. amboi, org tag dia, dia takmo jawab ekkkk

  4. what if aku ada 3 folders ja??mn nak rembat lagi 3 folder nak bg cukup enam nih??tensen2!!

  5. abang a'a : Can't wait to read it. :-D

    kak ct : sila ya sila..toksah perap haha

    ayu :erkkk...saya kan memang pemalas. unlike you :-p

    cha : tipu2 la..copy paste bagi jadi 6th folder haha



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