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Muhd. Danish

Upon 'request' from Tasha, I'm putting up the pics of this adorable little fellow, he's now like what? 7 ++ months kot, he looks very cheeky kan. But he is soooo not.

I've never had the chance to see him in person yet, but according to mak he's soooo very prim and proper. Sitting quietly in a corner like a good chap. No pulling-your-hair, slapping your-face-tummy-and-back, forcing-pacifiers-into-my-momma's-mouths kinda stunts. Baiknya la anak Tasha ni, unlike someone I know. Erkk.. Make it, someone whom I gave birth to..aikes!

And finally, some action pics of that little someone :
1) Climbing the Stairs
Mama, let's go upstairs!

Eeeyahh!The 1st step is always the toughest

After that, everything became easy peasy

2) Peekabo Irfan Style :

3) Same same tak Irfan and Mr. Smurfy? :


  1. baizurah? u r moving here?
    wah irfan is so nampak dah kurus sikit, maybe lepas batuk2 tu agaknya ye..sekarang dah okay ke?

  2. Alaaaa.. chumelnye this boy.. sape ni? Ur nephew ka apa?

    And mane Irfan jumpe tangge ni? Bukan kat umah awak kat Sg Ara kan?

  3. ito : moving where?to kl?or to this house? oh no! that's my mum's house actually. :-D

    ha'ah dah kurus dia, aritu b4 sakit very the tembam, suka mama dia. cute! haha..he's recovered now alhamdulillah. how's fatnin?

    ayu : a' cousin's boy, kira my nephew gak la kan. :-D first time amin saw this pic dia tanya "eh! bila irfan dapat walker?" haha.. and again ayu, ni umah mak saya. kesian dia, kena kejar budak ni naik tangga slalu hehe

  4. salam drama mama, how exciting it is to have found a fellow penang blogger mom! and thnks for dropping by my blog, tak perasan lak i've been in your blog list. nway, i thot of emailing you (for more private discussion about that comment you put on my jap food blog) but i couldnt see your email anywhere. so if you're ok can you email me? it's raggedyanne79[at]yahoo[dot]com. nak tau jugak isi kandungan email yg you ckp tu pasal i tak pernah baca.

  5. wah ... happily climbing away la ... hehehe ... seronok la ... i;m sure this is exercise enuff for u now kan?!?!? =)))

  6. anne : yerp. sure exciting to come across penang blogger mom kan. will email you soon. :-D do update ur blog religiously k.;-)

    kak rina : nope, not exercise enough, coz everytime he went like 1km radius near the stairs, i'd tell him that elephant will come take him if he goes up. so he'll just stand there looking longingly up the stairs.. haha

  7. hahah ... smart technique ... same with arees sometimes ... i'll either show him the remote or those colored papers ... then he'll come crawling to you ... but now he seems to learn my tricks ... so have to think of something else ... *sigh



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