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BabyIbu Giveaway: Win Gin & Jacqie Baby Bag

Yes, I've tried this before but SADLY I wasn't among the lucky ones who got to win their funky stylo milo handbags. Come to think of it, I've never won anything in this kinda contest before. Thus, I'm putting soooo much hope to win this bag just because I've been drooling over that sleek number ever since I set my eyes on it.

Anyway, this contest is organized by babyibu blog, a useful and informative blog especially for mothers to share thoughts on pregnancy, motherhood, babies and things related. I've been an ardent (silent) reader of this blog for quite sometime as it provided useful tips in handling my baby. Trust me, a first time mum such as myself NEED this kinda informations so we could educate ourselves on the Do's and Dont's related to our babies. And the best thing is, this is a webbie from our own country Malaysia, hence almost all the informations in there are closely related to our daily lives.

Back to the contest, Gin & Jacqie has been kind enough to sponsor the alluring price for 3 lucky winners :
Look at those gorgeous design. I'm so proud to have our very own, who can design such fabulous looking bags!

Just a little background review of the company, Gin & Jacqie™ is a line of bags created by avid traveller and reluctant girl-on-the-go Jacqueline Ng. In her search for functional everyday bags that are practical and stylish but do not cost a bomb; Jacqie discovered a niche in the market and decided to develop her own line of such bags.

Gin & Jacqie™ bags are created for centred people who value items which are fashionable yet functional, and it was made to be timeless and evergreen, to be as relevant today as they will be tomorrow.

So now, which one of these beautiful bags that I have my eyes on?

The Stylish Elaine looks so sleek and sophisticated yet funky enough for hot-mama-wannabe like - who else but - ME!

Having a baby, it's kinda tough to look your best all the time. Dressing up and maintain the look for an evening out with husband or friends is not an easy task to do. Sometimes I find my blouse gets stuck with baby's biscuit or my shawl went haywire. Thus, I have high confidence that accesorising my look with this bag would make me look hot even after a tornado hit me. *wink*wink*oh I want this bag so very very bad!*

Just some of the reasons why I would love to win this bag :
- It's light weight and easy to care for baby bag.
- Its so stylish that no one will know it's a baby bag!
- It has all the functions that makes a baby bag, an excellent one : zipper top opening, two exterior pocket with drawstrings, customised printed twill dots for lining, three interior compartments, interior keychain holder for keys or small pouches, additional interior compartments for handphone and other items (very very useful not only for mama but but abah as well), one interior zipper pocket, roll up wipeable change mat that can be cleaned easily (very useful esp when you are on the go), two interior hooks to hook bag onto stroller

I just love the polka dot interiors, it looks fun and funky. Irfan would love to climb in and play inside the bag *lol*

Oh! Look at that. I could fit Irfan's whole wardrobe in it, and I'd still look sexy carrying it. It's a gRrreat bag, enough said.

So all the ladies and hot mama out there, what are you waiting for? If you want to win a free bag enter this contest; which have started on the 1st Februari 2009 and it'll end on the 1st Mac 2009.

Till then, cheerios ~ ~ ~

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