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Flying off the Ground

This morning, the traffic was very very bad on the way to mom's house. Hubby took this turn and that turn just to avoid the traffic, but everywhere we got stuck. Then when we were at the Jelutong highway, he decided to (illegally) U-turn to another road to avoid the traffic and that's when it happened.

There was a green Proton Wira heading in our direction, and out of nowhere came a green motorbike trying to overtake it. In just a split second, the bikers hit the side of the Wira and was practically flying in the air before she (yes it's a she!) and her bike hit the nearby tree and fall off to the ground.

I was quite shocked to be witnessing such horrible things, luckily Irfan was not with us. Being a kaypoh chee, I asked hubby to stop and see how bad the impact of the fall was on the lady (at first I thot it was a guy, until we got nearer). Soon as we reached her, we saw that the Wira guy was already out of the car and telling the lady not to move. He took the bike off her and picked up all her things. He looked quite gabra of course, and asking hubby a few things (I dun understand coz they were speaking in their mother tongue).

I just waited in the car for a few minutes when more people (incidentally one of hubby's colleague took the same road, and upon seeing hubby the colleague stopped by too) started to dropped by. And then since therewere no other ladies around, I got out of the car to be of help to her. She couldn't move her right leg, her hands ada la some wounds and scratch. She wanted to get up but after everyone advised her to sit still, she just lied there.

Hubby made an emergency call to ask for ambulance. After a while she started to complaint that her right hand couldn't moved too, and she looked in pain alright. After such a fall, who wouldn't? Soon after, an insurance lad on a bike stopped over, and that's when we had to make our move as hubby was already late for work. He still had to pick up Ben 10 (his subordinate) who asked for a lift since his car broke down yesterday.

I just wish that I've taken that girl's number coz I'm now wondering what happened to her, did the ambulance arrived and brought her to the hospital? Is her injury serious? Can I do anything to help? Sigh, hubby was giving the knowing look when I voiced it out to him just now. I guess he knows it's the keypoh chee in me who's itchy to find out the details on that.


  1. wah daring lady!!! hope she's fine also ... if it was me i would have just cried then and there ... i so not the macho when it comes to accidents ... cannot handle the stress!!!

    hehe being good kaypoooh tak pe rather than to be annooying, nosy, pain in the ARSE kaypooo ... u can tell my BIL tat k =P

  2. Huh.. bile jadik ni Baizurah? klau jadi awak pun, I'd wanna know.. not really kaypoh whaaaattt

  3. kak rina :itu la sangat daring. minah kilang i think, judging from the uniform she wore.

    ya la if it was me mesti dok berdrama kat situ sambil mengalir air mata dan air hidung kweng kweng kweng :-p

    Ayu : it happened Thursday 19/2/09 at around...8++am lah. hehe. yala kan, i want to know la how she's doing and all bukan sengaja keypoh kan..hehe



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