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Hah, was just listening to Red.FM's news, and apparently Nestle Malaysia has lowered the price of Milo. Hmmmm...could it be because of the boycott thingy ? (Nestle is one of the major contributor to Israel if you don't know yet).

I wonder. Are we the only ones boycotting Nestle or there are others out there doing the same? By boycotting I mean, we're totally boycotting each of it's product. The toughest is of coz boycotting Nescafe! Been drinking that for as long as I remember, but thank God for Kopi (O') Hang Tuah. We're now supporting our (tastier) local product. Bravo to us! :-D


  1. kami ada menjual baby tight, legging, sock and kids outfit
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  2. so..milo bai tukar kepada apa? ke tak minum milo? kak asiah still guna milo since stok masih ada. ni dah nak abis..dok fikir nak guna apa plak?



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