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The scent of the past

You know how certain scent reminds you of the past memories in your life?

The scent that I remember most about my mom is her perfume and the skincare that she puts on every morning before she headed off to work. And it was a pleasant scent that always had me thinking that one day, I wanna smell just like that. I guess those memories inspired me to want to smell nice all the time and that's how my love for perfumes developed. 

Now, I'm a mother but I never gave a thought of these scent thingy until...

The other day, the moment the little guy stepped foot into our home after he was back from school, he exclaimed with such excitement in his voice: "Mama! What are you cooking??? I could smell it from down at the parking! It smells soooo delicious!". The moment I heard his chirpy remarks I was so pleased with that, it gave me more motivation to cook for him daily now. Not just cook whatever, you know, but trying to make things that he loves to eat, and healthy at the same time.


Among other things, this is what I want him to remember about his childhood in regards to me. The aroma of his momma's cooking wafting in the air. Because to me, it is not just any aroma. The aroma is the epitome of my love for him. I want him to be reassured that, no matter which part of the world he travels to, warm food and motherly love will always be there for him whenever he comes home.



  1. speaking of scent, i'd say the significant one for me is the 1997 scent of this Gervenne Bouquet talcum/perfume.
    sgt2 nostalgic gitu

  2. nostalgia apakah itu???? hehehehe



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